Approval Rate Of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Increasing According To Study

Dec 29th, 20101 Comment

A recent study found on The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery website clearly shows that a vast segment of Americans are starting to really accept the idea of cosmetic plastic surgery regardless of income situations.

“A new survey shows that almost half (48%) of all Americans regardless of income approve of cosmetic plastic surgery and almost a quarter would consider cosmetic surgery for themselves. According to the February 2010 report, 48% of respondents with an income of under $25K approve of cosmetic surgery (52% of respondents with an income between $25K-$50K approve, 55% of respondents with an income between $50K-$75K approve, and 62% of respondents with an income above $75K approve) and 23% of the respondents who earn under $25K would consider cosmetic surgery for themselves.”

This is very interesting industry data showing how cosmetic plastic surgery is in the process of making a clear shift into a new direction. As it becomes more accepted these types of numbers and statistics increase. With more and more of the community understanding the technologies and procedures surrounding many of the cosmetic procedures I think people are starting to become much less skeptical on a variety of procedures and treatments. I think for a very long time people where under the impression that only the elite could afford plastic surgery but people are starting to realize that not every plastic surgery procedure has to cost an astronomical amount of money.

According to the study here are some other very interesting statistics:

  • Among all Americans, 73% of women and 66% of men said they would not be embarrassed if others knew they had cosmetic surgery
  • 37% of women would consider cosmetic surgery as compared to 19% of men.
  • Most Americans (71 percent) said their attitude toward cosmetic surgery had not changed in the last five years, though 19% said it was ‘more favorable.’
  • 30% of married and 27% of unmarried Americans would consider cosmetic surgery for themselves now or in the future
  • Out of all age groups, men and women between the ages of 35 and 40 are the most likely to consider plastic surgery for themselves now or in the future (35%).
  • Men and women are close in their approval of cosmetic surgery, with women showing a higher (59 percent) approval rating than men (51 percent).
  • 30% of white and 22% of non-white Americans say they would consider cosmetic surgery for themselves now or in the future.

Some of these numbers are not so surprising but I can see them on the rise. with only 19% of men who would consider plastic surgery I can see that number slowly increasing over the next few years. It is always interesting to see numbers like this because it really shows how the industry is trending.

Written by Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel

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  1. Great stats here Dr. Spiegel – thank you for sharing. Let’s just hope the one woman plastic surgery wrecking crew (Heidi be thy Name) doesn’t totally take the cosmetic surgery industry into the tank. With the latest headlines of “Heidi’s Plastic Surgery Disaster” and her quote “I feel like Frankenstein” – it will be a small miracle if the American public can keep the negative feelings focused on Heidi *instead of* our industry.

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