You Can Get There From Here

You Can Get There From Here

Published on February 10, 2020 by
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We are always moving.   It’s a common thought in our busy world where there are always demands, deadlines, and a never ending barrage of emails, texts, tweets, and postings.  Even if you are sitting still for a much needed rest you’re still in motion, as the Earth keeps spinning and time keeps moving us forward […]

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Plastic Surgery and Insurance Coverage—Everything You Need to Know

Published on November 14, 2016 by
Pencil circling insurance

“Will insurance cover my plastic surgery?”—that’s a great question If you’re going to invest in plastic surgery, you want to make sure you’re not paying for something your insurance covers. Plastic surgery and insurance coverage are a bit tricky—there’s always gray areas and thin lines. Here’s everything you need to know: Your Insurance Company and […]

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What’s the Difference Between Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery?

Published on August 1, 2016 by
Woman getting forehead touched

Patients interested in altering their physical appearance always ask the question “what’s the difference between cosmetic and plastic surgery?” It’s an honest one. The two can be quite confusing, especially when you’re just starting to entertain the idea. To make things easy on you, we’ll use this post to define, discuss, and differentiate the two. […]

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Why Hopping Over the Border for Plastic Surgery Isn’t Smart

Published on July 8, 2016 by
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It’s recently become popular to “border hop” for cheaper plastic surgery services. The idea might seem exciting and attractive, but you should take note that there can be serious consequences associated with it. Horror stories about surgeries gone terribly wrong are coming out almost daily. Botched nose job, breast augmentation, and weight reduction surgeries have […]

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Why Instagram is becoming a Great Marketing Tool for Plastic Surgeons

Published on June 21, 2016 by
Drspiegel instagram

When the topic of marketing tools arises in the medical industry, most people tend to only think about Facebook and Twitter. However, more and more plastic surgeons are beginning to see the potential that Instagram has as an online marketing tool. Take a look below to see why this social network should no longer be […]

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A Prime Example of Doing what makes you Happy with Plastic Surgery

Published on April 12, 2016 by
Woman jumping on beach

According to an article published in the U.K.’s Mirror and The Blaze, it would seem as though there are people out there who are willing to go to virtually any length to look younger and/or like someone else. Recently, a 57 year old mother in the U.K. spent approximately $60,000 (£40,000) on a range of […]

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What are the Most Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures in America?

Published on March 21, 2016 by
Woman looking at a patient

Plastic surgery continues to become more and more popular in the United States. In 2015 alone, there were 1.7 million plastic surgery procedures performed, about a 2% increase over the previous year. Breast augmentation was the most popular procedure overall, with just under 280,000 performed. Procedures that are Getting Increasingly Popular Breast augmentation has been […]

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Why Plastic Surgery Can Help Depression

Published on November 17, 2015 by
Sad woman with head in hands

Time after time, research shows that plastic surgery can have a tremendous impact on the patient’s overall self-esteem. However, boosting self-esteem and actually treating depression are two very different things. In fact, one study by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons shows that many patients stop taking antidepressants after plastic surgery. An Interesting Theory Oftentimes, […]

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4 Plastic Surgery Myths Debunked

Published on September 24, 2014 by
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Cosmetic surgery has become more popular than ever over the past few years, with millions of people opting to improve features about themselves that they are not quite satisfied with for whatever reason. However, there are still numerous plastic surgery myths that are doing the rounds, which could potentially discourage people from having these procedures […]

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What’s More Important with Plastic Surgery – Appearance or Quality of Life?

Published on June 5, 2014 by
Woman smiling with flower in hair

These days, it’s almost impossible to go anywhere without hearing about celebrities and regular people who have had various forms of plastic surgery performed. However, there is often much debate surrounding the various reasons that people have plastic surgery performed. While some people feel it should only be performed in cases where scarring or deformities […]

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