$75 off a Dysport Treatment in February

$75 off a Dysport Treatment in February

Published on January 25, 2013 by

Dr. Spiegel has recently announced that patients who wish to switch from Botox treatments to a Dysport treatment will be able to do so at his offices while enjoying a $75 discount on the procedure during the month of February. This opportunity doesn’t occur often, so it is an excellent time for customers to have […]

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A Patients Perspective On Dysport Vs. Botox

Published on November 9, 2010 by

We recently interviewed a patient who has received Botox treatments through our practice on numerous occasions and has recently tried the new alternative on the market Dysport. I think it is important to really get the opinion of the end user and how they feel about the new product. Will Dysport stand the test of […]

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Botox Loosing Traction To Dysport?

Published on November 3, 2010 by

A new kid on the block by the name of Dysport has been making headlines as an alternative to the very popular Botox. Earlier this year Medicis, the maker if Dysport announced a patient challenge where 100,000 patients registered for in order to try out the new product. The challenge consisted of a number of […]

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Welcoming Dr. Jacob Tower to The Spiegel Center!