Do you have a perfect body? Can you say there’s not a single area of unwanted fat, jiggle, looseness, or sagging anywhere to be found?

No? Most people will say that even if they exercise all day they may not get the shape they want because of genetic and other factors.

Fortunately, we can help. Body contouring involves removing and repositioning fat, tightening skin, and even strengthening muscle to get you the shape you want. Six pack abs, an hour-glass figure, tight shapely or muscular arms, and a thigh gap are just some of the features that body contouring can help you achieve with surgical and non-surgical options like fat freezing and bodytite and Morpheus by InMode.

There are three main parts to body contouring. First, undesired fat is removed with the popular liposuction procedure. Say goodbye to the spare tire and banana rolls! Next, the fat is purified and replaced where you want it with fat transplant to the face or other body parts. Hello booty or hips! Finally, the skin is tightened to eliminate wrinkles and cellulite to show off your new physique.

Does body contouring work?

Body contouring is a great way to get you the shape you want. Six pack abs can be created by “liposculpture” or etching. Thigh gaps can be formed where you once had thighs that touched. Bra fat goes away for a sexy look in strapless dresses or sleeveless shirts, and loose arms are replaced with a tight toned appearance.

Are body contouring results permanent?

Once we help you shape your body to the desired appearance, it’s really you. That new body shape is yours and it’s real, not an illusion. Of course, you’ll keep aging and your body will change with time. You’ll just be starting from a great place!

How often can I do body contouring?

The experienced surgeons at TSC will help you know if body contouring is the right choice for your goals. Sometimes we can treat the area more than once as time passes. Other times, we may recommend a different type of procedure towards the same goal.

Are there any side effects? What is the downtime?

The most common things to experience are swelling, bruising, and some downtime. You’ll want to avoid significant physical activity for a while after your body contouring procedure. The exact amount of time, and duration of limitation, will vary based upon the number of areas treated, and the extent of the procedure.

It’s typical to have some oozing from the needle pokes through which the surgery is done, and, you’ll probably need to wear a compression dressing (like Spanx(TM)) for a number of days. Overall, recovery is pretty straightforward and it’s unusual for people to find it very difficult.

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