Everyone loses around 70 to 100 hairs each day. Some people will lose more than that, leading them to seek out hair loss treatments to prevent baldness. Here are some things you can do to stop unwanted hair loss before it become a major problem.

Reduce Stress

Hair loss is often caused by an unusually high amount of stress. In fact, people who are undergoing stress often report losing more than an average amount of hair, and that this hair loss seems to stop whenever the stress goes away. You may not be able to eliminate the source of your stress, but you can manage how it affects you. Take a walk every day to clear your mind, and practice deep breathing techniques to help control anxiety levels. You could find that this helps slow down hair loss considerably.

Change your Diet

Hair loss is sometimes attributed to nutritional deficiencies, which is why a number of hair loss treatments contain vitamins and minerals. For maximum hair health, you should eat a diet high in iron, protein, Vitamin C, Zinc and Omega-3 fatty acids. Avoid foods that are high in sugars and starches, as they tend to add calories without providing much nutrition. Some excellent foods to eat include tuna, salmon, peanut butter, walnuts, beans, pumpkin seeds and broccoli.

Avoid Chemical Processes

If you’re already suffering from thinning hair, you might be tempted to perm or color it in order to make it appear fuller. This can actually cause more harm than good, since harsh chemicals weaken your hair and make it more likely to fall out. In addition, the chemicals in many commercial hair products can also damage hair follicles, thereby speeding up hair loss and causing a number of other health problems. If you’re faced with hair loss, avoid putting any type of chemical on your scalp, and stick with natural hair care products as much as possible.

Don’t Over Style

Next to chemical processes, the next thing you may be tempted to do is style your hair repeatedly with heated appliances or rollers. Using a blow dryer, curling iron or straightener on your hair repeatedly can dry it out and make it more likely to become damaged and fall out. For best results, have your hair cut in an easy-to-care-for style so you won’t be tempted to use hair appliances excessively.

Try a Treatment

After trying all the above steps, you may need to use one of the many hair loss treatments out there if the problem continues. Some people swear by natural treatments such as henna, castor oil or coconut oil, while others find helpful products at their local salon or beauty supply store. There are even prescription medications available to help with hair loss, and only you and your doctor can determine if one of them will be right for you.

If you are suffering from hair loss, you don’t have to accept it as inevitable. There are quite a few things you can do to manage hair loss or eliminate it completely.

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