As plastic surgery in general becomes a much more wide spread and acceptable practice a wide variety of new individuals are becoming interested in pursuing facial plastic surgery and body treatments. Teens are on that quickly growing list of new plastic surgery patients that are increasing the statistics on the ever growing industry of cosmetic plastic surgery.

Recent plastic surgery statistics show that in 2009 close to 210,000 cosmetic procedures where conducted on individuals between the ages of 13 through 19. Seeing this rise in teen’s means the plastic surgery industry is surely moving in a wider direction across society. Teens tend to perform surgical procedures from more a self-esteem role rather than a reconstructive surgery direction. With cosmetic technology growing in leaps and bounds the procedures being conducted on a daily basis are safer than they ever have been before. Teens realize that there are certain areas of their bodies that they might have been struggling internally for quite a while are now easy to fix.

Of course all procedures should always be completed by a board certified plastic surgeon and if you are under the age of 18 you should always be accompanied by an adult.