There is a new growing trend amongst the plastic surgery community and it is a little something called revenge surgery. Post-divorce revenge with plastic surgery is something that is growing more and more popular amongst women. Heck some men are even trying it also as more make adopt the fact that plastic surgery is great for both genders. The NY Post recently ran a story about a women who had ended a 25 year long marriage and wanted a new start. One of the very first things on her to-do list shortly after the divorce was finalized was a little nip and a little tuck to make herself feel better as she entered the world a single women again.

“Diana Solomon is one of a number of women who have taken post-divorce revenge with plastic surgery. Driven to feel better about their looks after the devastation of a failed marriage, they seek cosmetic procedures, which can erase years — and build self-esteem. “At 51, I not only feel better, but I look better than I ever have,” says Solomon. “If you are smarter, wiser and you can look younger, don’t you have it all?”

After 25 years of marriage if things should abruptly end in a not so clean fashion often times people just want a fresh start. Many seek to rekindle their youth and make themselves feel good again. The goes for both males and females and often times cosmetic plastic surgery is a great quick way to freshen the paint.