Left: Danielle, before treatments.

Image Source: Stylist.com

In a recent article on the Stylist one young women, Danielle Dunsmuir decided to receive preventative Botox injections at the age of 24. We know what some of you might be thinking when you read this, is 24 too young? To answer this question properly you have to realize that the answer can be very case by case depending on the patient. What is right for you might not always be right for the next person.

Everyone feels and acts differently and in Danielle’s case she knew she didn’t need it now like some older patients might need it but she knew that it would be an amazing preventative measure to receive Botox injections now.

Here is a quote from Danielle:

“I’ve been working in the doctor’s office for two years, and basically since I started working here I’ve thought about getting Botox. I had lines on my forehead. Even when I put on my bronzer it would lay in my lines. And I was told it could also be used preventatively. A lot of people say that if you start younger — in your 20s, 30s — Botox or Dysport [an alternative anti-wrinkle injection on the market] actually helps you in the long run. My family and friends were saying it’s unnecessary and you don’t really need it. But I think because I’m around it so much, I don’t really think that. Afterward, my family couldn’t even tell whether I had it or not. I definitely liked it when I put my makeup on. It’s a lot smoother. I’m going to keep doing it. It’s so natural.”

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