Because Tom York and his daughter Haleigh, 23, share such a special bond, he didn’t think twice about covering the $37,000 cost of a tummy tuck and breast augmentation surgery. This was to address a significant amount of excess skin that she was left with after losing 140lbs last year after having bariatric surgery performed to reduce the size of her stomach.

bariatric surgery performed to reduce the size of her stomach.

A Reward for Her Hard Work

Haleigh’s father mentioned that he covered the cost of his daughter’s surgeries as a reward for the hard work she had put into losing half her original body weight. She stated in this regard, “My surgeries were a gift to me from my father, I’m so grateful for what he did for me.” More than 9lbs of excess skin were removed from various areas of her body and Haleigh says that she now feels like a completely new person. “I have always dreamed of being thin since I was a child, but I never believed it would be a reality,” she said.

After seeing positive results of the bariatric surgery on a friend’s mom, Haleigh opted to have the procedure performed as well. A combination of a healthy diet and committing to exercise 4 times a week resulted in her managing to shed 153lbs within a year. “It’s given me so much energy, it’s a lot less difficult walking around and when I climb the stairs I’m not huffing and puffing like before. I never envisaged myself like this, I’ve not weighed this little since I was in middle school and feel like the world has opened up to me in so many ways,” she noted.

Proud of His Daughter’s Complete Transformation

When interviewed, Haleigh’s father went on to explain that his extreme pride in his daughter’s transformation. This resulted in him giving her the gift of the surgery needed to complete her new look. “Seeing someone go through bariatric surgery and dealing with the life changes is tough. I saw Haleigh sacrifice a lot, I felt she had done all she could, and this was a way I could help her reach her goal. Haleigh went through a major transformation by losing so much weight. I wanted to see her finish the process. I am proud that she was able to set her mind to a big task and see it through. It required discipline and tenacity,” her father said.

Haleigh’s father also mentioned that while he didn’t think that the surgery had changed her as a person at all, there was absolutely no denying the fact that she now had a range of opportunities that were not available to her before – to the point where she is now being asked to engage in modeling.

Although bariatric surgery can help you lose a substantial amount of weight, it’s essential that you discuss this option with your healthcare provider before making any final decisions. It will also help determine whether you will be a suitable candidate for having it performed or not.