Facebook is a hot place to showcase those good looks but have you ever stopped to think about the quality of your photo? Recently Dr. Spiegel was featured on Future Derm discussing how to take the right Facebook photo to really showcase your features.

Dr. Spiegel gave 8 ways to take a better Facebook photo.

(1) Women should slightly look up towards the camera as it will make your eyes larger, and raise your eyebrows creating the attractive look of large eyes.

(2) Men should slightly protrude your chin. This creates a strong face and eliminates a double chin.

(3) For men and women, slightly lean your neck towards the camera.

(4) For women – a minute before your photo, tap on your lips a few times (somewhat stronger than you’d think!). This will send blood to your lips making them redder and fuller – both considered very attractive. Similarly, you can pinch your cheeks a few times to get a little bit of a rosy glow.