Hair Grafting Boston

Shaving, tweezing, plucking, cutting, waxing, laser, styling, curling, flattening, and highlighting. These are just a few of the things we do to keep our hair looking good.

Often, we’re removing unwanted hair, and the laser and electrolysis services we offer can keep you smooth and sleek. However, we do want full hair on top of our heads, and overly thinned eyebrows are undesirable. Hair grafting can also hide scars, fill in a beard, and replace hair you once removed (e.g. from the chest or genital areas).

Whether you are a woman with overly thin hair, or a man with recession or male pattern baldness, The Spiegel Center can help.

Not too many years ago, hair grafting looked bad. Small tufts (or plugs) of hair, like on a child’s doll, provided some coverage but was unnatural. And a wide scar on the back of the head limited hairstyles and slowed down healing. But not anymore.

Using the latest technology and robotic SmartGraft machines, The Spiegel Center’s experts remove individual hairs from the back of your head and place them one-by-one where you need them. Imagine carefully removing a single blade of grass from your back yard (you’d never miss it) and planting it in the front yard. Yes, this follicular unit extraction (or FUE) method requires more focused attention, but we believe the results are worth the effort.

Hair replacement can restore your confidence, keep you looking younger, and send a message of health and strength. There’s no reason to wait until tomorrow, contact us today and learn how we can help you.


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