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In addition to seeing patients in his practice, Dr. Spiegel is a very active academic surgeon. He is a professor at Boston University School of Medicine and is frequently called upon to speak and lecture to other physicians.

Dr. Spiegel lectures nationally on facial plastic and reconstructive surgery several times a year. He speaks annually at the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery fall meeting. At the 2013 meeting in New Orleans, he led a roundtable discussion with his peers regarding nasal reconstruction and provided an additional lecture regarding Male Attractiveness following Feminization Facial Plastic Surgery Procedures.

Given the vast amount of academic research and clinical and surgical experience Dr. Spiegel has devoted to his work on facial feminization and elective facial contouring he has become nationally recognized by the public and his peers as the leading expert on this topic.

Dr. Spiegel plans to travel to New York City in May 2014 for the International Symposium of Facial Plastic Surgery where he will be presenting a lecture on Facial Procedures for Gender Surgery to fellow members of the academy. In December 2013, Dr. Spiegel was featured on the cover of the industry publication, PSP (Plastic Surgery Practice), as 2013’s Innovative Surgery of the Year for his work with facial contouring and feminizing services.

Dr. Spiegel has written many book chapters for important head and neck surgery texts. These chapters include nose surgery and broken noses (nasal fractures), reconstruction of the mandible (jaw), voice surgery to change the shape of the voicebox and the tone of the voice, and on the management of snoring and sleep apnea.

Dr. Spiegel has also just completed writing a chapter summarizing the fundamental concepts of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery. This chapter, targeting medical students and surgeons in training, appears in a comprehensive textbook Essentials of Surgery edited by James Becker, MD – Chief of the Division of Surgery at Boston University Medical Center.

Dr. Spiegel has edited two books on his own. He was the editor of Otolaryngologic Clinics of North America for February 2005 and April 2004.

Other notable publications include guidelines in an American Medical Association journal on how to safely use Botox for treatment of wrinkles around the eye and an anatomy study of facial muscles important in facial plastic procedures. In fact, much of the research used for determining safe methods and techniques for Botox treatment was written by Dr. Spiegel!

In addition to his research, professorship and lecturing, Dr. Spiegel is proud to be the director of an academy regulated facial plastic surgery fellowship. Each year Dr. Spiegel chooses one surgeon to join him in his practice for one year following their completed 5 year residency to receive further training in facial plastic surgery. This fellow benefits from observing and assisting Dr. Spiegel with his scope and developing a full idea of what a busy facial plastic surgery practice entails while Dr. Spiegel and his practice benefit from having an additional Otolaryngology surgeon to help with all of their patients’ needs. Dr. Spiegel feels it is important to pass along this important training and opportunity to fellow surgeons as he did when he obtained his fellowship at Harvard Medical School.

Dr. Spiegel has long been recognized as a popular professor at Boston University School of Medicine and regularly is requested to lecture for plastic surgery interest groups and meets personally with dozens of students and residents over the year to assist with research and student projects. He enjoys teaching others and passing on his knowledge to the “future of medicine”

So much more is happening – check back for updates here where we will feature a selection of some of Dr. Spiegel’s recent academic activities. For Information about Dr. Spiegel in the News, click here.

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