“Little girls want to be princesses. Big girls want to be superwomen. Old women want and fully expect to look young. We want more sex, more love, more jobs, more perfect babies. The only thing we want less of, it seems, are wrinkles,” says Deborah L Spar in her book, Wonder Women, Sex, Power and the Quest for Perfection.

In today’s day and age it seems that expectations are constantly being raised. Let’s face it, life is tough! Looking the part is just as important as playing the part and this is the reason many people turn to cosmetic surgery. This type of surgery offers a quick and easy fix, often with very minimal downtime. Having been in the cosmetic surgery industry for years, Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel is one of the surgeons that have witnessed the increase in demand for physical perfection. The fight against wrinkles is stronger than ever! Yet, Dr. Spiegel doesn’t see it as a fight for “perfection”. Rather, he notes that in all aspects of our life we want to be the best that we can be. As Dr. Spiegel puts it: “Looking your best, or’putting your best face forward’, is part and parcel with keeping your body fit, your mind sharp, and your spirit happy.

And, today there are so many ways to look your best without needing to take a break from life’s goals and responsibilities.

An example of this is Botox®. This is one of the most common and quick procedures that is on the frontline, fighting off those deep pestering wrinkles. The Botox® procedure is done in office and takes less than 10 minutes to complete. It is such a quick and easy procedure, with little to no downtime; many patients choose to get this done on their lunch break, between running errands, or anytime they have a spare moment.

This is just one of the many options when it comes to cosmetic procedures that can make you look ten years younger in no time! What was seen as a daunting task in the past has become simpler than ever before. If you are armed with the correct preparation, it becomes an easier process. Some important guidelines that will assist you in your cosmetic journey include:

Being informed

Make sure you are aware of what to expect when it comes to the specific procedure you are interested in. This will help make the process much less tense and will give you a base to form your questions around. It will also help you realize what type of expectations you should have. Some helpful ways to find out this information is by speaking to past patients and joining forums online.

Being comfortable

It is very important that your surgeon makes you feel comfortable. Always go with your gut feeling. You wouldn’t stick with a personal trainer with whom you didn’t “click”, so if the surgeon does not make you feel at ease, it’s best to find another partner in your quest.

Doing your research

Qualifications and experience speak volumes when it comes to a great surgeon. Do as much research as possible and make sure to weigh out all the options. Many businesses offer Botox and cosmetic procedures these days. You can find spas, dental offices, obstetric practices, and even hair salons where botox is available. Remember that Botox is a material and each person can use it differently. A selection of paints can turn into a mess on the kitchen wall in the hands of one person or a masterpiece when used by a talented artist. Experience can be invaluable.

Have a vision in mind

Make sure you show up to your first consultation as prepared as possible. This could mean bringing along pictures of what you would ideally like to achieve, as well as jotting down all the questions you can think of before the time.

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