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Plastic Surgery Trends in the U.K

Plastic surgery is not just growing in the United States, it is also trending upwards for our friends on the other side of the pond in the United Kingdom (U.K). The numbers stop in the year 2009 but it gives you a good understanding of what is occurring. Check out the data from the folks […]

15 Years of Plastic Surgery Growth

15 years

The plastic surgery industry is an area that has shown amazing growth over the last fifteen years despite economic down turns. Recently The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery put out an infographic piece showcasing the information and data regarding the plastic surgery industry over the last 15 years.

New Trend – Couples Plastic Surgery

There is a new trend emerging in the plastic surgery industry and that is couples plastic surgery. More and more couples are joining hands and going under the knife together. Part of the reasons is that plastic surgery is no longer something people are hiding. More individuals now are talking about their plastic surgery treatments […]

Economy Down? Botox Is Up!


As the economy continues to waver, bob and weave through Wall St. the makers of Botox, Allergan continue to see a positive trend in Botox usage. As more and more people cut back on almost all expenditures some are still finding the value in Botox treatments.

New Trend – Back To School Plastic Surgery

Yes folks you heard it correctly, back to school plastic surgery is the new growing trend. Since plastic surgery is such a widespread practice these days even young professionals looking to modify their aesthetic features are stepping into plastic surgery centers all over the globe before they hit the books again. With so many young […]

More Asian People Getting Plastic Surgery to Appear “Western”

CNN recently did an interesting story regarding a new popular trend amongst a certain number of Asian individuals requesting to look more “western”. Reshaping of the nose and eye lid surgery seems to be a very popular growing Asian trend in Seoul which has been attracting many Asian people looking to have a more European […]

Elf Ear Plastic Surgery On The Rise

Elf Ear surgery

Yes folks you heard it, elf ears are the new craze. More and more people are looking for cosmetic plastic surgery regarding the ears in order to resemble a more elf like ear. With the top portion of the ear being re-shaped to have a pointy look this is a new ear surgery craze sweeping […]

Revenge Surgery? A New Growing Trend

There is a new growing trend amongst the plastic surgery community and it is a little something called revenge surgery. Post-divorce revenge with plastic surgery is something that is growing more and more popular amongst women. Heck some men are even trying it also as more make adopt the fact that plastic surgery is great for both […]

Study Shows More Teens Turning To Plastic Surgery

As plastic surgery in general becomes a much more wide spread and acceptable practice a wide variety of new individuals are becoming interested in pursuing facial plastic surgery and body treatments. Teens are on that quickly growing list of new plastic surgery patients that are increasing the statistics on the ever growing industry of cosmetic […]

Cosmetic Surgery Industry To Double By Year 2017

According to Modern Medicine the cosmetic surgery industry will double by the year 2017. It has been moving up to this point very rapidly and there are no obvious signs of things slowing down. As time pushes forward procedures become more streamlined and less evasive leaving the desired outcome much more attainable for the average […]