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Boomer Plastic Surgery Treatments: Why an Aging Generation Seeks the Fountain of Youth

Two baby boomers happy

“Baby boomers” are individuals born during the post-war years between 1946 and 1964, when conception and delivery rates were at an all-time high. Over the next 20 years, some 76 million baby boomers will reach the age of 65. It comes as no surprise that baby boomer plastic surgery is on the rise. By the […]

Korean Plastic Surgery – A New Booming Industry

According to a popular Korean newspaper, the Korea Herald, 20% of all Korean women have had at least one plastic surgery. Many of those women claim they had the surgery in order to improve their chances of getting a job. The unemployment rate is high there, with over 400,000 young Koreans without a job. They […]

Are 3D Printed Faces the Future of Cosmetic Surgery?


When having plastic surgery performed, many patients would love to know how they are going to look after healing has taken place. Although this has been virtually impossible to predict until recently, a new 3D printing company known as MirrorMe3D will be able to make this dream a reality for patients, thanks to their new […]

Plastic Surgery Trends Happening Right Now That Are Shaping the Industry

Doctor measuring woman's face

Each year, thousands of patients have various types of cosmetic or plastic surgery procedures carried out for many different reasons. While some of the surgical options have remained steadfastly popular through the years, others have enjoyed brief periods of reaching the top of popularity ratings. Mentioned below are just a few examples of plastic surgery […]

Are More Seniors Turning Towards Plastic Surgery?

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Improving Self-Esteem One RealSelf user had this to say about the plastic surgery that she had performed,” I [did] not feel my age and I [found] it frustrating to have all these skin bulges hanging down. I’d thought about a tummy tuck before, but I always thought it would be too expensive and put the […]

Is Social Media Fueling the Plastic Surgery Industry?

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In today’s world, social media is a very important part of the lives of a great many people. For many different industries, the prevalence of social media is a constant question and an always present consideration in marketing techniques and understanding clients. For the plastic surgery industry, this is especially true; the role social media […]

New Industry Study Shows that 20% of All Women Want Some Sort of Plastic Surgery

In the past few years, the demand for plastic surgery among women has escalated dramatically. As many as 20% of women who were interviewed in a study that was recently conducted by Real Self have stated that they are seriously considering having some form of plastic surgery or even other less invasive cosmetic enhancement procedures […]

5 Anti-Aging Myths that Simply Are Not True

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There is so much false information doing the rounds with regards to skin care that many people are not sure what is true and what isn’t, especially when it comes to anti-aging advice. As a result, many people are causing irreparable damage to their skin, which causes them to look older than they really are. […]

Why People Should No Longer Hide Their Plastic Surgery

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Plastic surgery has always had something of a taboo surrounding it. When celebrities especially receive these procedures, there’s a certain amount of coverage surrounding it, often to judge how successful the procedure was, or, as contrast, how flawed their new appearance is. The same thing can often be seen in everyday life, but the truth […]

Mother Daughter Plastic Surgery is on the Rise

Woman with her daughter

When it comes to traditional mother daughter activities, most people tend to associate the term with shopping, exercising, home decorating, cooking or baking and the traditional spa visits. However, the trend of mother daughter plastic surgery seems to be gaining more and more momentum each year, with the past year alone seeing 34% more moms […]