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10 Beautiful Women that were Once Men

It is nice to see main stream media showcase something that was once hidden in society. This does not just apply to transgender but plastic surgery as a whole. Plastic surgery of any kind is now much more accepted than it ever was before. The Huffington Post recently did a story called 10 Gorgeous Women […]

Dr. Spiegel Featured on ABC News Discussing Gender Surgery and Chaz Bono

There is no shortage of stories that relate to Chaz Bono and the transgender re-assignment surgeries he has gone through to successfully make it through his transition. Chaz was recently featured on ABC News discussing a variety of issues that people were curious about now for some time. Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel was recently quoted in the ABC News […]

20 Transgender Pioneers

Recently the Huffington Post did an amazing piece on the top 20 transgender pioneers that have influenced us and made waves in their respective professions. As time goes on society becomes much more open with the idea of being transgender and that is evident in this recent post. “Today is the 13th International Transgender Day […]

Transgender Body Builder Competes With Women and Wins

The transgender community has certainly grown in leaps and bounds when it comes to overall community acceptance. People no longer feel that they want to be quiet and are free to express themselves in any way they please which is an amazing thing. Chris Tina Bruce has been competing in body building for almost 20 […]

Transgender Model Lea T Poses For Swim-wear Campaign

Lea T. is one hot trend in the modeling industry right now. One of the first transgender models to really take a solid run at the modeling circuit has been a role model for many transgender individuals. Lea T was recently spotted in Brazil shooting an ad campaign for Blue Man on the beaches of […]

How To Locate The Right Facial Feminization Surgeon

FFS surgery before and after

If you have been researching for the right facial feminization (FFS) surgeon for quite some time you most likely know that it is important to take your time in order to choose the right facial plastic surgeon that you feel comfortable with for your aesthetic surgery procedure. FFS surgery is something that many potential patients […]

More U.S Companies Covering Transgender Surgeries

Transgender type surgeries have brought on a great deal of discussion from a medical insurance coverage standpoint over the years. Perhaps our esteemed medical institutions did not understand the surgery like others do but as time moves on our community is educated on the importance of transgender surgery more and more. With mainstream media discussing […]

More Employers Now Covering Transgender Surgery

Corporate Quality Index

According to the Huffington Post pretty soon more employers will be covering a variety of transgender surgery procedures. According to the 2012 Corporate Equality Index their will soon be a stringent requirement to help those seeking out any transgender surgery procedures. It is clear that something needs to be done in order change the process […]

Dr. Spiegel FFS Recent Patient Video Testimonial

FFS Patient

A recent facial feminization surgery (FFS) patient took it upon themselves to put together a short video testimonial soon after their recent procedure.