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Canadian Transgender Beauty Pageant Contestant to Have Own Reality Show

Jenna Talackova is a beautiful pageant contestant who fought Donald Trump (and won!) to compete in the Miss Universe Canada pageant. It was recently announced that Talackova will now have her own reality show featured on the E! channel. Miss Universe Canada Miss Universe Canada is a country wide beauty pageant that chooses a winner […]

First Openly Transgender Fighter for MMA

Mixed Martial Arts star Fallon Fox is recognized as the first known openly transgender fighter, and controversy abounds in her quest to become the MMA’s next champion. Fox underwent gender reassignment surgery in 2006, and the controversy is the question as to whether or not she has an unfair advantage over other women competing in […]

Massachusetts Passes New Transgender Law

Massachusetts has passed a law which changes the way that transgender students are treated. It has stirred up quite a bit of controversy, but this change in the way that trans students will be treated has been passed down from the board of education, and they’re not budging. What the Law Does If a transgendered […]

Toyota has a new Transgender Model

In a sign of changing times, Toyota’s new model is the very androgynous Stav Strashko, who doubles as both a man and a woman in the car company’s newest Japanese commercial. Toyota Plays at Misdirection Strashko’s debut in Toyota’s ads involves a bit of bait and switch. Appearing at first to be a woman in […]

Organization Helps Transgender Immigrants [video]

Immigration equality

Immigration Equality is an organization that helps transgender immigration issues stemming from other countries. Since 1994 they have been assisting transgender, gay, bisexual and HIV positive individuals with a variety of legal matters. Below is a great video about one person, Norma Ureiro, a transgender immigrant who faced immense challenges when trying to flee Mexico […]

Chris Tina Bruce, Transgender Bodybuilder, Competes as a Woman

As the world is starting to finally open their eyes to accepting transgender men and women in competitions such as beauty pageants and sporting events; now even body builders can compete in an equal environment. As seen on the Huffington Post: “A transgender bodybuilder who competed as a man 20 years ago is now coming […]

Keelin Godsey Might be First Transgender to Compete in Olympics

Keelin Godsey There have been many firsts for the transgender community in recent years and this could be another great accomplishment . Keelin Godsey was born but is now male and could be the first transgender athlete to ever compete in the Olympics.

Famous Rocker Comes Out As Transgender

Get More: Music News With many changes going on in the world today it seems as though more and more people in the spotlight are choosing to have the courage to live life as they choose. This is great news to those who are still either scared to come out or for those who think […]

How FFS Changed Woman’s Life [Dr. Spiegel ABC News Story]

For those who take advantage of facial feminization surgery (FFS) go through life changing procedures. Recently Dr. Spiegel was featured on an ABC News story where they discussed one woman’s transition to be an amazing life changing experience. Dr. Spiegel also discusses why people view gender the way that they do and what are some […]

Dr. Spiegel Featured on WGBH – What Makes a Face Feminine?


Dr. Spiegel was recently featured on WGBH discussing what makes a face feminine. “Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but it’s also in the hands of Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel. Two-to-four times each week, Dr. Spiegel performs something called FFS – “facial feminization surgery.” This is a cosmetic procedure that alters the face […]