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6 Plastic Surgeon Red Flags To Look Out For

There are a lot of surgeons and unlicensed surgeons out there that try to prey on those that might not really know any better when shopping for a specific plastic surgery procedure. When it comes to choosing the right plastic surgeon you have to keep your eyes and ears open for red flags. They are […]

Listen to the Dr. Spiegel Interview w/CBS Radio

Recently Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel, facial plastic surgeon at Boston Medical Center (BMC) was featured on CBS radio doing an interview with Bob Salter. Listen to interview by click the image to the left and listen to what Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel has to say. Your browser does not support the audio element.

The Risk Of Using An Uncertified Plastic Surgeon

There are many surgeons out there in society practicing with variety of different types of surgeries where they are not licensed or certified to conduct those procedures leaving the patient and community in serious danger. If you are thinking about going through a cosmetic surgery procedure make sure your surgeon is licensed and certified so […]

How To Pick The Right Plastic Surgeon

Finding the right cosmetic surgeon could take you some time depending on your specific needs and location. You have to really be sure about the cosmetic surgeon you chose because depending on the treatment they could hold your life in their hands so it is important you ask yourself some important questions before committing to […]

What Does It Mean To Be Board Certified?

You often times read it on a wall or in a brochure for the doctor you are visiting but many times we shrug it off. Being board certified is a rather large achievement that many patients really don’t understand. Being board certified usually means you have gained a proficient practice in a certain area of […]