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Dr. Spiegel Recognized as Top 15 Plastic Surgeon Influencers by PSP

PSP 15 in 2015

How to Pick the Right Plastic Surgeon

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You should approach any kind of surgery carefully, but with plastic surgery you need to make extra sure that you trust your surgeon and medical team. Choosing the wrong plastic surgeon for you can leave you with a lot of medical bills for results that you are not happy with. Making sure that you will […]

What Does it Mean to be a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon?

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When consumers want to have plastic surgery, which is commonly referred to as cosmetic surgery, there are tens of thousands of physicians in the US from which they can choose. However, while all states require licensure, about half of them do not require board certification. What Is Board Certification? Board certification is much different from […]

Tips on How to Choose the Right Plastic Surgeon for You

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Plastic surgery has become one of the most popular forms of surgery in the world, with millions of cosmetic procedures being performed each year. If you find yourself eager to go under the knife for whatever reason, you will want to ensure that you choose the right person to perform the procedure. These hints and […]

Dr. Spiegel Image Used by Leading EMR & Practice Management Software Ad

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One of the industry leading practice manager software companies, Patient NOW have used Boston plastic surgeon, Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel in a recent advertisement used for trade shows and other events.

Check out Dr. Spiegel on the Cover of The Top Doctors in America

Dr Spiregel on the Top Doctors of America

Check out Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel on the cover of The Top Doctors in America.

Why Traveling to Boston for Plastic Surgery is a Great Idea

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Whatever your reasons for getting plastic surgery are, you probably want to get the safest, best care you possibly can. Traveling to Boston may seem like an extreme step, especially if you live on the other side of the country. However, Boston plastic surgery has some huge advantages which may make such a trip more […]

5 Things You Should See When You Walk into a Plastic Surgery Office

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Before you place your trust in the hands of a plastic surgeon, evaluate his or her office. There are telltale signs of a competent doctor and if you find yourself with any misgivings, reevaluate this physician. Chances are that there‚Äôs a better plastic surgeon elsewhere. When it comes to your health and safety, you cannot […]

Dr. Spiegel Featured in Best of 2012 Directory

PSP Best of 2012

Check out Dr.Spiegel featured as top plastic surgeon in 2012 according to

How to Choose the Right Plastic Surgeon for Botox

Botox Treatment Over the past few years, hundreds of thousands of people have made use of Botox treatment for various forms of cosmetic treatment. Although there are many reputable surgeons who perform Botox treatments, there are also many who are simply out to make money. These are the ones who have very little to no […]