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Excessive Sun Exposure while Driving can be Detrimental to your Health

Sun damage

Can the sun’s ultra violet rays penetrate through glass and damage your skin? Yes, it most certainly can according to the New England Journal of Medicine. This information is based on a study done by Jennifer R.S. Gordon, M.D. of Northwestern University who determined that the damage done to the above patients’ left side of […]

3 Ways to Revitalize your Look for Summer

Mole removal before and after

Summer is officially here with a bang! It’s time to get out your swimsuits, floppy hats and sunglasses. It’s time for BBQ’s, Fourth of July parties and fun by the pool or at the beach. If you’re like me, during the summer you like to revitalize your look; whether that means a new shorter hair […]

Coffee Ground Scrub for Healthy Skin

Coffee Time

Yes, believe it or not a quick solution to having nice fresh healthy skin comes in the form of coffee grounds. People have been using coffee grounds on their skin for some time now and if you are a coffee lover you will be in absolute heaven. By mixing a little coffee, sea salt and […]

Coffee Can Decrease Your Chances With Skin Cancer

Coffee Cup

According to a new study with coffee researchers have found that just three cups of coffee per/day can significantly reduce that chances of developing skin cancer. According to MSNBC Vitals article: “Women in the study who drank more than three cups of coffee a day were 20 percent less likely to develop basal cell carcinoma, a […]

Psoriasis Winter Home Treatment Tips

With winter right around the corner your psoriasis does not have to flame up and bother you during the cold dry weather. There are certain things a person can be doing right from home to help treat your psoriasis during the cold winter months that are almost here. Here are a few psoriasis treatments: Moisturize, […]

How Too Much Sugar Can Cause Wrinkles

Many people might not know this but that little sweetener you add to your coffee every day doesn’t just put on extra body weight but it can also cause wrinkles over time. Having a sweet tooth not only causes the waistline to grow in size also can do some damage on keeping skin smooth. MSNBC Health reports: […]

7 Ways To Fight Wrinkles At Work

If you are like most people you have to get up in the morning and get to work. Some people might even have to sit in front of a computer all day which has its negatives and positives when talking about facial wrinkles. Depending on how you go about your day there are things you […]

A Connection Between Climate Change And Skin Disease

There have been recent talks and studies by dermatologists all over the world that show a direct connection between climate change and skin problems such as acne, skin cancer and atopic diseases. Recently on February 7th an International Dermatology symposium dug deeper on the issues of climate change and how it has affected the human […]

5 Foods That Can Help You Combat Facial Wrinkles

Not everyone is gung ho to go under the knife to acquire a facelift which is why there are some foods that you could eat in order to attempt to achieve the same results. Sure it might take much longer but changing your diet could help tighten some of that skin that gravity has taken […]

Skin Rejuvenation Diet Tips

Many of us strive for a healthy young looking skin and some of us spend our entire lifetime chasing after that youthful look and feel sometimes missing out on one of the most important factors in achieving this…your diet. Having a healthy diet can work wonders on the skin but a person needs to be […]

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