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Is There Really an Anti-Aging Cream Made From Red Wine?

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It has been discovered that resveratrol has the ability to slow the appearance of aging on our skin. This compound that is responsible for giving grapes their deep red colour has since been added to a host of anti-aging products over the past few years. One such product that is due to be released onto […]

5 Vitamins for Soft, Glowing Skin


Skin care is a very important part of any healthy lifestyle. With all the dangers to healthy skin in the environment, it’s important to know which vitamins will help keep yours looking its best. Vitamin A aka Retinol Vitamin A is one of the skin-care superstars, and is the key ingredient in an awful lot […]

Why Neova Skin Care Products are the Best in the Industry

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It is no secret that premature skin aging is more often than not linked to frequent sun exposure. Neova is the first successful skin care company that offers products that target the cause of skin aging – not its symptoms. By targeting the cause, they have managed to come up with a wide array of […]

Deprive Your Skin of These 6 Elements and You Might Have Unhealthy Skin


Not many people may be aware that our skin is the largest organ in our bodies. It is responsible for protecting the internal organs and assists with preventing numerous toxins from entering our bodies. However, for the skin to do this successfully, it requires essential nutrients and trace elements to stay healthy for as long […]

Great Skin Secret Weapon – the Power of the Coconut


Coconut is often thought of as a wonderful scent to fill your home with during the summer months, or a flavoring and garnish in a favorite adult beverage. Surprisingly, there are many ways your skin can benefit from coconut. Read on to discover the many ways coconut can become your very own secret weapon for […]

How Citrus Fruit Can Help you from Aging


Oranges have long been acclaimed for their high vitamin C content and subsequent immune boosting properties, but there is more to the sweet and tangy fruit than meets the eye. Along with other citrus fruit varieties, they can play a dramatic role as anti aging foods for any seeking a helping hand in turning back […]

Different Ways to NOT Get Botox Injections


Botox is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the United States, and its popularity is growing. Because of the apparent ease of administering Botox treatments, lots of establishments such as spas, hairdressers and online stores are offering the service at reduced rates. These kinds of practices can be very dangerous, as well as […]

5 Things you Should Stop Doing Immediately to Improve your Skin Complexion

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Skin care is an important part of being healthy. After all, your skin is your body’s first defense against the outside world. Taking care of your skin is of vital importance and is now easier than ever. Here are a few simple things you should stop doing right now to improve your skin’s complexion. Stop […]

3 Important Things You Should do to Your Face Every Night

Wash, wash, and wash

Despite the fact that a person’s face is probably one of the most noticeable features on their bodies, very few of them give much thought to taking care of the skin there. Many people use various forms of make-up and treatments during the day instead of at night when most skin replenishment and rejuvenation actually […]

5 Anti Aging Drinks Perfect for the Summer Months Ahead


Anti aging drinks are beverages that contain anti aging products that act to prevent signs of aging from the inside out. Common anti aging drinks can act to prevent things such as Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease and inflammation. The following is an overview of a few healthy drinks that have anti aging ingredients and are […]