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5 Reasons to Get Healthy Before Plastic Surgery

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Having plastic surgery performed is every bit as serious as any other form of surgery in that there is always the possibility of complications occurring. As a result, surgeons recommend that patients do everything in their power to get as healthy as possible before having plastic or cosmetic surgery performed. 1. Recover Quicker A body […]

A Good Plastic Surgeon Knows When to Tell You to Stop

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Over the years, plastic surgery has become as commonplace as any other form of medical treatments. While many people only have 1 or 2 procedures performed, others often want to have as many procedures performed as possible in a bid to have the ‘perfect’ appearance. However, there are still honest and trustworthy surgeons out there […]

Think Preventative When It Comes to Cosmetic Procedures

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Millions of cosmetic surgery procedures are performed in the United States each year. Although most of these are carried out in response to the development of a particular characteristic such as wrinkles or droopy eyelids, it has been proven that patients who opt for preventative plastic surgery procedures can delay the aging process for longer […]

Research You Should Do Before Acquiring Plastic Surgery

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If a person is about to undergo plastic surgery for cosmetic purposes, they’re not dealing with anything especially dangerous. Plastic surgery recipients don’t need to worry about anything more than coming out of the surgery with a new and improved appearance. Despite this, there is a lot that should be taken into account before having […]

Typical Recovery Periods for 5 Common Facial Cosmetic Procedures

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Although there are many cosmetic surgery procedures that can be performed within a few hours, the recovery time for them may be a little longer than anticipated. Here are a few of the most commonly performed procedures, along with the recovery time a patient can expect to experience afterwards. 1. Rhinoplasty More commonly referred to […]

4 Reasons to Not Get Plastic Surgery

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These days, the plastic surgery industry is worth millions of dollars. While many people have procedures performed for legitimate reasons such as to correct deformities or address injury-related scars, others still have surgeries performed for the wrong reasons. Here are just a few compelling reasons why you should not have plastic surgery done. To Look […]

Basic Things to do Post-Plastic Surgery to Maintain the Best Results

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Millions of people undergo various forms of plastic surgery each year and end up thrilled with the results thereof. However, not nearly enough of them realize that, in order to enjoy the results of their procedure to the fullest, they need to take good care of themselves after having any surgical procedures performed – especially […]

The “Less is More” Factor is Sometimes True When it Comes to Plastic Surgery

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Numerous candidates have plastic surgery procedures carried out in order to correct deformities. However, others opt for it because they want to enhance their overall appearance or they want to try and look like somebody else. This often leads to them having many more invasive procedures than what is necessary, which in turn can have […]

Be Careful Who Injects Your Botox – Red Flags to Look Out For

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The cosmetic surgery industry is worth millions of dollars each year, with one of the most commonly opted-for treatments being Botox injections. Although this is considered as one of the safest cosmetic surgery options, it is still crucial to take a few necessary precautions before having it injected anywhere into your body. Uses for Botox […]

Why Losing Weight before Having Plastic Surgery is Important

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Many people think that having plastic surgery performed will help solve all of the issues they may have with their appearance – including weight issues. However, this is not always the case, as your surgeon will normally insist that you be willing to lose a specified amount of weight before he or she will be […]

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