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5 Celebrities that Love their Plastic Surgery

They Love it!

Celebrities rely on their looks to earn a living and many of them will freely admit that they are willing to do whatever it takes to maintain their youthful appearance. Tabloid headlines are full of celebrity plastic surgery rumors but these five celebrities have no problem talking about the work they have had done to […]

Dr Spiegel Discusses Monica Lewinsky’s $100,000 Makeover on the National Enquirer

Recently Dr. Spiegel was featured in the National Enquirer discussing Monica Lewinsky’s $100,000 makeover. Download the Enquirer Article Here

What are the Most Popular Plastic Surgery Treatments on the Red Carpet according to Boston Magazine

Red Carpet Surgery

With a keen eye, Boston Magazine watched the celebrities at the Oscars closely to determine what plastic surgery treatments were most popular. As it turns out, the treatments weren’t out of the ordinary from the most popular procedures in the United States, which include: Botox, fillers, facial implants, facelifts, eyelifts, rhinoplasty, liposuction, and breast augmentation. […]

How the Plastic Surgery Industry Came out of the Shadows

Shadows on ground

Utilizing plastic surgery used to be a secretive event that patients hid from loved ones. People either avoided speaking about it or jeered at people for using it. Modern times have changed this reaction however, and plastic surgery is more accepted than ever. Cosmetic procedures provide people with confidence to fully live, and most people […]

How Has Social Media Changed the Plastic Surgery Industry?

Patient communication

The use of social media has spread like wildfire and nearly every company in every industry is using some form of it to better communicate with consumers, whether they are announcing new products or resolving customer complaints. This is no different in the plastic surgery industry, as patients can research a practice, talk with their […]

Real Life Barbie?


It’s not everyday that a person comes across someone who bears such a strong resemblance to a doll, but when we do, one of the first things that come to mind is the fact that she may have undergone extensive forms of plastic surgery in order to achieve this look. However, Valeria Lukyanova claims that […]

Mob Wives TV Star Hit with $77 Million Lawsuit from Plastic Surgeon

Mob Wives is a reality show that debuted on April 17, 2011 on VH1 that follows six women in Staten Island after their husbands or fathers are imprisoned for mafia crimes. Renee Graziano is one of the original cast members of the show, and the daughter of Anthony Graziano who is a well-known New York […]

The Jersey Shore of England?

Apparently there are more gyms, tanning salons and cosmetic plastic surgeon in Liverpool England than anywhere else in the entire U.K. In this video a group of models and actresses discuss the importance of plastic surgery and what it means to them.

10 Plastic Surgery Look Alikes

1. Nefertiti Cosmetic plastic surgery is something that has been able to completely change people’s lives entirely. As a plastic surgeon you have to be aware of when a procedure is being done for the right reasons. To want to look like a celebrity is not always the best approach to plastic surgery. Sure you […]

Steven Tyler Prepares For Hollywood With Facial Cosmetics

In order for rocker Steven Tyler to from the famous rock and roll group Aerosmith cosmetically prepares for a recent stint in Hollywood being featured as a new judge on American Idol. Steven Tyler has received a series of facial injections just to smoothen out those pesky wrinkles that have found their way onto the […]