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Did Michelle Obama Say She Wants Botox?

First Lady Michelle Obama told People Magazine in a recent interview that getting plastic surgery or Botox injections in the future is not something she is against. She believes women should have the liberty to do whatever is necessary to make them feel beautiful and confident, and if it takes Botox treatments to make one […]

How One Man Receives 140 Plastic Surgeries

Yes folks you heard it right, 140 plastic surgery treatments. Justin Jedlica has a long run when it comes plastic surgery treatments. As Lizzie Schiffman reported on DNAinfo Chicago Justin has acquired these treatments over a period of 15 years.

Suzanne Somers Discusses Anti-Aging [video]

There is no surprise that Suzanne Somers looks amazing for her age. This did not happen by chance. This happened through being healthy, some plastic surgery and an overall state of mind that screams anti-aging.

5 Celebrities Super Proud of their Plastic Surgery

Thinking about going under the knife? Got a few flaws that a little nipping and tucking could fix? Most aesthetic surgeries are performed to restore a feature to its proper function and appearance, but that hasn’t stopped these five celebrities from transforming plastic surgery from a necessary medical procedure to a favorite personal pastime. Joan […]

Want to Look Like Justin Bieber? One 33-Year-Old Did Just That

  Love him or hate him, Justin Bieber is proof that a fresh, sweet face goes a long way towards success. But would it be worth switching your own face for his? And would it be worth £60,000 to do it? That is the amount that Toby Sheldon, age 33, spent on plastic surgery to […]

Did Marilyn Monroe Have Plastic Surgery?

Marilyn Monroe statue

Although most people tend to think that plastic surgery is a fairly recent development, evidence has come to light showing that certain procedures were being performed as far back as the 1950’s. Recently, a set of 6 x-ray images along with a doctor’s notes came to light which revealed that Marilyn Monroe had a chin […]

Julie Chen Reveals She Received Plastic Surgery

Julie Chen of “The Talk” announced on the television show that she had plastic surgery in the past to change the appearance of her eyes. The decision to get the procedure done came about because one of her former bosses felt her eyes looked too Asian and that she would go much farther in her […]

An Interesting Look at a Recent Plastic Surgery Study by Allure Magazine

Model poses in front of a aged wall

Recently, Allure magazine conducted a survey regarding aging. 2,000 people, male and female, were asked about the various aspects of aging. It is no wonder an astounding number of people desire to look younger, women in particular. While this has commonly been a factor in society for decades, Allure’s recent survey revealed just how far […]

Top Plastic Surgery Requests Stemming from Celebrities

Believe it or not there are many requests to look like a celebrity in the plastic surgery industry. Here is a recent survey done to find out who are the top celebrities most people want similar features from. Check out this plastic surgery infographic from our friends at Infographic World.

Did Michelle Obama Help Fuel the Plastic Surgery Industry?

The first lady, Michelle Obama, has arms that are often shown off in her fashionable wardrobe. Everything from pant suits to ball gowns feature her muscular arms that are firm but still very feminine and pretty. The question is whether or not this political fashion icon has actually encouraged others to seek out plastic surgery […]