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How One Man Spent 150K in Plastic Surgery to look like Kim Kardashian

Selfie of a man with plastic surgery

Plastic surgery is nothing new in today’s society; every so often someone will walk past a person who looks simply unreal in some aspect or the other and think to themselves how that person must have been surgically modified. Of course, not all plastic surgery is cosmetic, and the field has been making strong strides […]

The World Cup Saw an Increase in Facial Reconstructive Surgeries

Soccer ball and goal

A Brazilian study, which was recently published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery – Global Open® (the official open-access medical journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons), has reported that fractures of the nose as well as other facial bones are quite a common occurrence among soccer players. In some cases, these injuries can be […]

Does Social Media Play a Role in Plastic Surgery?

Social media plastic surgery

As social media becomes ever more prevalent, a higher number of people are experiencing anxiety about the way they are portrayed in their profile pictures. Many of these people have turned to plastic surgery and other cosmetic procedures to boost their self-confidence in person and on digital platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Pursuing the […]

Kelly Ripa Loves Her Botox – Claims It Changed Her Life

CelebTV screenshot

A lot has been written about Botox injections and Botox treatments over the years, with many celebrities claiming that the beauty treatments have had a big impact on their appearance. Actress Kelly Ripa, for example, now the host of Live! With Kelly and Michael, has told interviewers that the treatments have changed her life. While […]

5 Hollywood Stars That Really LOVE Their Plastic Surgery

Since celebrities are role models for many people, they often feel pressured to look as beautiful as possible. As people age, their smooth skin and flawless features become a thing of the past. Luckily, the plastic surgery industry is here to help Hollywood stars stay on top of their looks. In fact, it is almost […]

Are Selfies Pouring Fuel on the Cosmetic Surgery Industry? One News Channel Weighs In

Couple taking selfie

Is taking pictures of yourself to blame for the steady rise in cosmetic surgeries being performed? Fox’s Dr. Keith Ablow believes that it is the case. Watch the latest video at Selfies = Narcissism Digital narcissism is on the rise, thanks to a market that is saturated by cellular phones with high quality cameras. […]

Is Hollywood a Driving Force for the Plastic Surgery Industry?

Hollywood plastic surgery

Kitty is Jennifer Lawrence’s biggest fan, so much so that she spent $25,000 in plastic surgery procedures in attempt to become a spitting image of the ‘’American Hustle’’ star. Jennifer Lawrence’s stunning features, personality and self-esteem are what inspired the 30 year-old Texan to become just like her. Mental Preparation Kitty abandoned her dog training […]

Did Michelle Obama Say She Wants Botox?

Michelle Obama

First Lady Michelle Obama told People Magazine in a recent interview that getting plastic surgery or Botox injections in the future is not something she is against. She believes women should have the liberty to do whatever is necessary to make them feel beautiful and confident, and if it takes Botox treatments to make one […]

How One Man Receives 140 Plastic Surgeries

Human Ken Doll

Yes folks you heard it right, 140 plastic surgery treatments. Justin Jedlica has a long run when it comes plastic surgery treatments. As Lizzie Schiffman reported on DNAinfo Chicago Justin has acquired these treatments over a period of 15 years.

Suzanne Somers Discusses Anti-Aging [video]

Suzanna Somers

There is no surprise that Suzanne Somers looks amazing for her age. This did not happen by chance. This happened through being healthy, some plastic surgery and an overall state of mind that screams anti-aging.