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What’s the Allure for Having Full, Plush Lips?

Close up of lips

If you spend any time at all on social media networks like Facebook and Twitter, then you probably remember the recent fiasco with the “Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge”. Teenage girls and young adults around the world temporarily plumped their lips and posted selfies for their friends and family. What is the allure behind lip augmentation […]

How to Have Thicker Fuller Lips

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Many women are eager to have lips that are fuller and thicker. While this was not possible until a decade or so ago, there is now a wide variety of option that can be chosen to enhance the appearance of the lips. Although one of the latest procedures that are fast gaining popularity in this […]

Why Lip Injections can Really Make the Face

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Lip injections are simple, quick, easy cosmetic procedures that result in fuller lips, and can have a surprisingly drastic change in appearance to the face. Most doctors, plastic surgeons and dermatologists will be able to properly perform this simple procedure. With relatively few side effects, and long lasting effects, this is a very popular way […]

What an 80K Smile Makeover Looks Like [The Doctors TV Show Video]

Woman on The Drs show

Have you ever wondered what an 80K smile looks like? Check out this video from The Doctors TV Show to see what exactly an 80K smile looks like. Image & Video Source: The Doctors TV Show

Is Bigger Really Better when it Comes to Plastic Surgery?

Woman with pink lipstick

Image Source: Flickr/Creative Commons For a number of years, the trend in plastic surgery was toward “going big”. Patients who chose plastic surgery wanted bigger breasts, larger lips and more prominent buttocks; however, that seems to be changing as of late. More people these days are concerned with making subtle changes that improve their appearance […]

A Makeover for your Mouth

Rock carved into face

Who doesn’t want beautiful luscious lips and a bright Hollywood smile? Nowadays this look is more attainable than ever before. There are numerous options to change your mouth from drab to fab in just a couple of hours. One of the most noticeable aspects when it comes to the mouth area is the teeth. There […]

Are Plastic Lips the New Thing?

Lipstick kiss mark

Each time we think that we have “seen it all” when it comes to plastic surgery and cosmetic enhancements, something new comes along that surprises us more than ever before. The latest gadget to hit the lip plastic surgery scene is a rubber set of lips called the Face Slimmer Exercise Mouthpiece. Gummy Lips with […]

How to Avoid Aging on your Lips


The lips are often the most neglected part of most anti-aging regimens. They do not need a lot of care, but can be a dead giveaway of how old or young a person is so it deserves the same amount of attention as the other parts of the face. Maintain Moisture Dehydrated skin is susceptible […]

Lip Lifts Unveiled

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Have you tried lip venom, lip plumper lip stick and every other sort of fabulously marketed lip plumper on shelves these days?  Have you even tried getting filler injected into your lips and to your dismay it still didn’t give you the look you want?  Have no fear, Lip Lift’s are here!  What is a […]

Boston Plastic Surgeons Give A Girl Her Smile Back

smile back

Different things happen to different people that cause facial deformities in people’s lives. Some can be repaired through extensive re-constructive facial plastic surgery and others simply cannot be helped. Caitlin Cowen suffered from a situation where she was left without the inability to smile. Not being able to smile could deprive someone of a very important form of daily […]