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Kybella Treatment – New Procedure to Get Rid of Double Chins

Double chin drawing

Up until recently, people who had excess fat under their chins resorted to surgery to remove it. The surgery is quite invasive, and it requires several days or even weeks of recovery time. Fortunately, a new product called Kybella can treat double chins without surgery. What Is Kybella? Kybella, or deoxycholic acid, is an injectable […]

How to Get Rid of That Dreaded Double Chin

Double chin drawing

When questioned about which aspects of their appearance bother them the most, numerous people will state that it is the fact that they have a double chin. In some cases, this trait can even affect people who are not overweight. Over the past few years though, various forms of plastic and cosmetic surgery options have […]

A Possible New Way to Reduce Fat Under The Chin?

Man's chin

Until recently, people who had excess fat on or around the chin area would have to resort to plastic surgery in order to remove it. However, a recent breakthrough in the form of an injectable drug promises to offer these patients a non-surgical solution to help them in their quest for chin fat reduction. Introducing […]

New Topical Product to Help Double-Chin in Clinical Trials

Double chin view

Clinical trials have been run on a new topical product to help reduce double-chin. Topokine Therapeutics, a drug company out of Boston, is working on its second phase of trial tests to secure FDA approval in order to manufacture and sell a serum that targets chin and neck fat. Producers are hoping that the treatment […]

If You Hate Your Chin We Have a Solution for You

Before and after chin

When it comes to looks, a large number of people are dissatisfied with the appearance of their chin. In some cases, it may stick out too far, or in other instances, it may not be pronounced enough. Thanks to advancements that have been made in the realm of cosmetic and plastic surgery, patients are now […]

The Hottest New Trend in Plastic Surgery…Chin Implants

For those of you out there who are privy to the hottest plastic surgery news we’ve found that chin implants or “chinplants” are the newest trend in plastic surgery.  A “chinplant’ is used to accentuate the jawline and chin by gently placing a solid silicone implant underneath the chin muscle. This is a procedure that can be […]