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Why has Botox Become so Popular?

Botox injection is a relatively new treatment for muscle spasms, pain and cosmetic blemishes that people are flocking to, but it hasn’t always been so popular and widely-used. In fact, it has only been considered safe for cosmetic use since 2002 according to the FDA, when it was deemed fit to improve the look of […]

Is Resveratrol The Magic Pill For Anti-Aging?

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The product Resveratrol has been advertised as being able to fight aging and serious diseases and illnesses. These claims have gotten it a lot of recognition. The question must be asked if it actually lives up to the hype and if it delivers the effects that it claims to. The Magic Ingredient The pill is […]

What is Anti Aging Clothing?

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Women are doing anything they can these days to keep their skin from aging. They use anti-aging lotions, serums and creams like a ritual. Now keeping your skin from aging is as easy as getting dressed in the morning thanks to an anti aging clothing line from Cass Luxury Shapewear. WearRepair Anti-Aging Shapewear Cass Luxury […]

Some Workouts Could Make You Look Older

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Image Source: Flickr/Tulane Public Relations Working out and exercising seem like they would be the best things you could do for your body. However, some sources state that working out may be making people look years older than they really are. Does this mean you should hang up your running shoes for good? Should we […]

$75 off a Dysport Treatment in February

Dr. Spiegel has recently announced that patients who wish to switch from Botox treatments to a Dysport treatment will be able to do so at his offices while enjoying a $75 discount on the procedure during the month of February. This opportunity doesn’t occur often, so it is an excellent time for customers to have […]

Enjoy $75 off a Restylane® Lip Augmentation in February


We have announced that patients who would like to have Dr.Spiegel perform Restylane® lip augmentation surgery on them during the month of February will be able to enjoy a $75 discount on the procedure. This means that patients who have previously not been able to afford this surgery will now be able to have it […]

Top Habits to Kick in Order to Lose Weight in your Face

Gaining weight in the face naturally happens when a person gains weight in other areas of their body. However, what people don’t realize is that they are doing things to cause this. So here are some bad habits to kick in order to lose weight in the face, as well as other areas. Eating Sweet […]

Why Stress Shows Signs of Aging on the Face

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Along with the fact that stress is one of the biggest killer diseases around these days, one of the biggest fears that many people are plagued by is that of looking older than they really are. This is because they then tend to feel inferior to other people who are the same age as they […]

Daily Activities to Slow Down Aging [video]

Image Source: Doctors TV Show Nobody likes getting older especially if the signs of aging are coming in stronger than ever before. On this segment of the Doctors TV Show they discuss a variety of quick activities anyone can do on a daily basis to slow down the signs of aging. The best part of […]

Want to Slow Down Aging? Smile More

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Image Source: Flickr/manduhsaurus Although many people have heard that smiling uses fewer facial muscles than frowning, it is only fairly recently that research has actually proven this to be true. Those who spend more time smiling have been shown to develop fewer facial wrinkles than those who are stressed and frown a lot. The amount […]