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Dr. Spiegel is Coming to Toronto!

Hey Toronto!

Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel Now Scheduling Consultations in Las Vegas – June 18-21

Vegas Baby

Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel now scheduling consultations from June 18-21 at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas.

Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel is Coming to New York!

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How Military Dermatologists are Helping Wounded Soldiers

Military members in hospital

Those who fight for their country put their lives on the line every day and are frequently wounded in the line of duty as a result. New advances in dermatology are allowing doctors to help aid the recovery of these wounded heroes. Laser Surgery Depending on the severity of an injury, substantial scarring is sometimes […]

What Smoking Does to the Skin on your Face and Why it Makes you Look Older

Cigarette lighter

Most people know smoking is bad for their health, causing everything from COPD and heart disease to lung and oral cancer. But did you know smoking also affects your looks? Learn how smoking damages skin and makes people look older below. Wrinkles and Crinkles When you think about an aging face, you’re probably imagining wrinkles. […]

Advanced Facial Aesthetics February Promotion – Be Styled Blowdry Lounge

Feb promotion

Advanced Facial Aesthetics is offering our fans a discount to their next visit to the Be Styled blowdry lounge. For the entire month of February receive $10 off your your styling. Use discount code AFE2014 to receive your discount.

How One Charity Used Plastic Surgery to Stop Bullying

Bullied Kids get free plastic surgery

Each year, thousands of children experience bullying as a result of being born with facial deformities. One such example was Nadia Ilse, who had to endure numerous taunts about her ears from the day she started first grade. The Little Baby Face Foundation has come to the rescue, not only for Nadia, but for thousands […]

The Advantage of the Emerge Laser Treatment [video]

Do you live in the Boston area and have been thinking about the Emerge Laser? Check out Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel discussing a few of the more important aspects of an Emerge facial laser treatment in this video. You might just be surprised as to how easy it is. Emerge Facial Laser Treatment

Easy Procedure for Baby Boomers Entering the Dating Scene Again

Baby Boomers on beach

Hey baby boomers – are you entering the dating scene again after many years of being off the market? Sometimes getting a little work done is just the extra push your confidence needs to start meeting other people. The good news? You don’t have to go under the knife for plastic surgery. Nowadays, minimally invasive […]

5 Ways to Stay Active and Healthy During the Cold Winter Months

It’s easy to keep up a regular workout routine when the days are longer, and the weather is warmer outside. The excuses for not working out pour in after the cold weather hits. Below are the top 5 winter exercises to keep you in shape this season. 1. Go to the Mall The mall isn’t […]