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Asian Eyelid Surgery: True Beauty or Rejection of one’s heritage?

Some people with Asian ancestry have eyelids that appear different than those of, say, persons of European descent. Asian eyelids may have a fuller appearance and can have a skin fold near the central (or medial) corner (or canthus) of the eye. This lack of a “supratarsal crease”, which is the medical name for the […]

Otoplasty: Ear shaping

Have you ever wondered what is the purpose of the external ear?  I know that ears are for hearing, but why do we have the curvy cartilaginous structure outside of the ear canal? It’s likely that the external ear (or auricle) is used to help focus sound waves towards your ear canal so that they […]

When Is a Mini Facelift the Perfect Choice?

Age, stress, the sun and a number of other factors can make your face look drawn, gaunt and dull, making you look years older than you actually may be. Topical creams, over the counter prescriptions, tablets and other alternatives can only do so much to improve the look and feel of your facial skin once […]

Regretting Your Tattoos? They don’t have to be Permanent

Was there a time when you thought getting a tattoo was the right decision because you believed that you were going to stay in love with it forever? Perhaps it was the name of your ex-lover or a design that you thought was appropriate at that time. However, as you get older and more mature, […]

Neck Fat Makes You Look Out of Shape

When you start gaining weight, fat deposits increase in various parts of the body, including the neck. Fat accumulation in the neck makes the neck appear thick and bulging. It also creates an appearance of a double chin. Having large deposits of neck fat changes the appearance of the face and makes you look out […]

Make an Eye Lift Your First Priority

Beautiful woman eye with golden makeup

Droopy eyelids will surely hide that sparkle in your eyes. Having excess sagging skin around your eyes can make you look tired and unapproachable, potentially leading to changes in how people interact with you. In addition to the aesthetic problems associated with sagging eyelids, there are also functional problems that come along with it as […]

Cosmetic Surgery Treatments that Won’t Break the Bank

Person hitting piggy bank with hammer

While cosmetic surgery can be a great way to recover from accidents or to allow the person on the outside to match the person on the inside, many people ignore its helpful benefits due to the belief that it is too costly. In truth, there are several simple surgery options that can be very helpful […]

Is Plastic Surgery Seasonal?

Woman in winter clothes

Like most businesses, the field of plastic and cosmetic surgery tends to have its busy seasons and its slow times. People are most likely to get work done in the months of December through March, while most don’t want to interrupt their summers with any sort of procedure. But is plastic surgery truly seasonal? To […]

How to Dip Your Toes into Plastic Surgery before Diving In

Woman dipping toes in water

Although many people are intrigued by the idea of altering aspects of their appearances that they are not happy with, not all of them are ready to take the plunge and have full-on plastic surgery performed. In cases like this though, there are a few ways in which the ‘waters of plastic surgery’ can be […]

On Vanity

Woman applying lipgloss

During their first appointment patients always comment to us, “I can’t believe I’m here…that I’m doing this.” And I always ask, “why???” People consider it “vain” to pursue plastic surgery. As if wanting to look your best was a sinful desire. Well, raise your hand if you have done any of the following: Worn Spanx […]