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Stopping the Pain

Woman talking to her doctor

All living things like pleasure and dislike pain. As doctors we take an oath to reduce suffering in our patients. Q: If you want to help someone who is suffering what’s the first thing you need to do? A: Know where it hurts. You need to know what bothers a patient so you can start […]

With one life to live, being who you want to be!

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Advice is cheap and everybody’s got some to give. Ask a friend, relative, or stranger about anything and they’ll all have an opinion on what you should do. Likely, the advice will be contradictory so you leave with less clarity than before your inquiries. Advice can be helpful, mentoring can be valuable, guidance can be […]

Champagne Wishes and Caviar Dreams

Woman looking at Dr. Spiegel

Have you seen the television show Cribs on MTV? How about The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Gossip Girl, or Million Dollar Listing? Each of these television programs, and many more, brings us into the world of the rich and famous. We see how they live, how they travel, what preoccupies them, and the surrounds […]


Fat reduction procedure

Losing Fat There are only a few people fortunate enough to have a perfect body. The rest of us have pockets or areas of fat that we’d love to get rid of. Perhaps you’ve got a double chin, love handles, spare tire, saddle bags, banana roll, or bra fat. Maybe you want to narrow your […]

The Facial Fat Transfer Fills In Harsh Folds and Addresses Hollow Regions of the Face

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A youthful-looking face with smooth skin can make someone look more attractive. Unfortunately, with age, a lot of people develop issues like sunken cheeks, deep folds, and depressions that can mar the appearance of the face. A facial fat transfer is a useful procedure for these kinds of issues. What Is a Facial Fat Transfer? […]

5 things you need to know before getting a facelift!

Facelift before and after

There are many types of facelifts but all are really just variations on a common approach. The goal is to lift the tissue (called the SMAS) under the facial skin to a more youthful position. Then, the “extra” or “stretched” skin is tailored for an improved appearance. Among the many types of facelift are the […]

Forehead Contouring: Myths or Facts?

Forehead contouring before and after

Myth: You need a CT or X-Ray before Forehead contouring. Fact: If you have no history of prior forehead surgery or injury this is completely unnecessary. An experienced surgeon gains nothing from these pictures. And, 3-D imaging is equally useless. It may be fun to see the pictures, but is not worth the cost or […]

Captured in Words

Grand opening

At The Spiegel Center we have a mission statement, “Through innovative solutions and extraordinary care, we provide the best results and highest quality experience in the world.” Every day everybody at TSC strives to live up to this goal. Many of the services we provide were either designed or perfected here. Though our procedures are […]

The Best Plastic Surgeons in Boston

Dr. Spiegel

How do you find the best plastic surgeon or the most talented injector in Boston? For many, this means signing on to Google or one of the other search engines and simply entering “Best Plastic Surgeon” or maybe even narrowing the geographic area more and entering “Best Cosmetic Surgeon Boston”. Unfortunately, while this will give […]

The Surgery That Finally Gave One Woman Her Identity

The REal You

Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel, a Boston facial plastic surgeon, performs about 1,200 surgical procedures a year—but that’s not what sets him apart from other top doctors. He’s been making masculine faces look more feminine for 20 years, and sees more than 30 transgender women a week for consultations or procedures. One of these women is Valerie, […]