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More Teens Looking For Plastic Surgery?

With cable television running wild showing plastic surgery as a norm in society more and more teens have found themselves wanting to go under the knife wanting certain procedures completed to keep up with others surrounding them every day. Everything from breast augmentation to rhinoplasty procedures are at the top of the list for many […]

Why Doesn’t Insurance Cover My Cosmetic Procedure?

At the end of the day health insurance companies have the final say whether they will cover a cosmetic procedure or not. It is not up to the doctor or the office of where you are receiving your plastic surgery procedure whether the claim goes through or not.  Typically something that is cosmetic and does […]

Botox Bandit Strikes Again

Man Sitting In Chair Being Give Botox Injection By Female Doctor

Maria Chrysson is no stranger to the law as this is a repeat Botox theft criminal who has targeted facial plastic surgeons up and down the east coast. Plastic surgeons from all over are noticing much more “funny” activity when it comes to these types of actions possibly a direct reflection from the troubled economy. […]

Botox Gets Some Competition?

Botox is getting some new friendly competition very shortly, actually next month. Xeomin which was approved by the FDA just this month in August will be hitting the cosmetic medical market officially in September. It was approved by the FDA to treat neuromuscular conditions like cervical dystonia blepharospasm and is not yet approved to treat […]