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According To Recent Survey Age 52 Is The Favorable Age For Plastic Surgery

A rather interesting survey has been completed where a group of women where a study was conducted by Superdrug where 3,000 women between the age of 40-60 where interview regarding a variety of cosmetic surgery procedures. The data is rather interesting: According to the Metro: “One in three women over 40 are so worried about […]

35% Increase In Holiday Cosmetic Surgery Bookings According To Recent Study

Apparently the present holiday season has many running to their local cosmetic plastic surgeon for some last minute cosmetic surgery needs right before the holidays and the New Year. In a recent study conducted by the Harley Medical Group there is roughly a 35% increase in certain cosmetic plastic surgery procedures during the month of […]

Don’t Let Winter Weather Create Unwanted Facial Wrinkles

With winter here it is important to be able to keep your skin as healthy as possible during the cold winter weather. It is very easy for a person to suffer from extremely dry skin during this time of the year which could lead to many unwanted wrinkles in the face in the future. There […]

Reversed Aging Almost A Reality

A group of Harvard scientists might have uncovered one of the most remarkable scientific finds known to man, the ability to reverse aging. Tested on a group of mice the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute was apparently experimenting with an anti-aging experiment that was only supposed to steady the process of aging and slow it down, what they got was much […]

Healthy Anti-Aging Thanksgiving Dish Ideas

Many people like to forget about the calorie counting and calorie monitoring for the holidays but some do not. The holiday’s can attach many unwanted pounds to the waist line along with ingesting harmful carcinogens if poor ingredients are used in the cooking process. Here are some creative anti-aging dishes that can be substituted according […]

Mentor Worldwide Launches New Nasal Implant


Mentor Worldwide has recently announced an all new nasal plate, PDS™ Flexible Plate that is a nasal implant that helps aid cartilage during re-constructive nasal surgical procedures. These new nasal implants have been used on procedures like rhinoplasty and septoplasty and have showed positive results in a variety of ways. According to “The PDS™ Flexible Plate is a biodegradable polydioxanone […]

New Study Combining Stem Cells & Cosmetic Surgery Proves To Be Beneficial

Stem cell chatter has been a controversial area of discussion for sometime now but recent studies are linking the amazing benefits of using stem cells for a variety of cosmetic plastic surgery purposes. Some researchers believe that synthetic implants could even be replaced by natural tissues over time as they believe the body accepts the […]

Why You Shouldn’t Wait For Your Cosmetic Surgery Procedure Any Longer

Cosmetic surgery can be a very difficult choice for many individuals to make. They hear the horror stories about botched surgeries and cosmetic nightmares but the reality is that as long as you are smart about your choice on who you go with you really shouldn’t ever have any surgical problems. Years ago the cosmetic […]

5 Ways To Help Reduce Pimple Scars

You see them all the time they are those left over areas where pimples might have been visible on a person face at one point but are now gone. These pimple scars can be a very embarrassing and traumatizing to a person depending on how severe the scars appear. There are some ways a person […]

Botox Loosing Traction To Dysport?

A new kid on the block by the name of Dysport has been making headlines as an alternative to the very popular Botox. Earlier this year Medicis, the maker if Dysport announced a patient challenge where 100,000 patients registered for in order to try out the new product. The challenge consisted of a number of […]