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Plastic Surgeons Caught In The Crossfire on The War On Drugs

With the current state of the medical industry going through a rather large overhaul things are changing across the board causing plastic surgeons and physicians to get caught in the crossfire of red tape and politics.  With prescription drug abuse becoming a rather large epidemic many things are changing in order to slow down than […]

Nanotechnology Is No Longer Just For Sci-Fi Movies

Nanotechnology has made its appearance on the big screen in many different sci-fi related movies but that amazing technology might soon become a very strong reality in the mainstream medical industry. Nanotechnology is starting to play a rather large role in reconstructive surgeries when human cell growth needs to be magnified in order for a […]

Teens Turning To Plastic Surgery To Fight Bullying

It is very unfortunate but there is an alarming rate of young teens turning toward cosmetic plastic surgery in order to shed off the wrath of schoolyard bullies. We were all young once and kids can be cruel but is it going too far? 6th graders now want to turn to plastic surgery in order […]

Physicians Aesthetic Coalition Created To Promote Patient Safety

According to Plastic Surgery Practice a new cosmetic patient safety group has been created called the Physicians Aesthetic Coalition. This combined group is made up of all the top aesthetic surgey associations in the cosmetic plastic surgery industry. It is a group effort made up of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), the […]

6 Reasons To Not Get Plastic Surgery

There are a variety of reasons why people choose to acquire more information surrounding cosmetic plastic surgery. Some are good, some not so good and some reasons are not even worth mentioning they are so bad. As a certified licensed cosmetic plastic surgeon you need to be able to distinguish when a potential patient should […]

Transsexual Models And The Ever Changing Public Community

Transgender flag

Recently the New York Times published an article that has given the world a rather large insight to the ever growing transsexual community and how it is something that is starting to become a normal occurrence in society. Like anything in life people tend to push away what they don’t understand but as time moves […]

New Botox Study Shows Back Pain Relief

Botox injections have been known to cure a variety of bodily pains including migraines and other types of headaches. Recently published on Anesthesia & Analgesia Botulinum neurotoxin type A, or Botox as we all know it has recently been able to reduce back pain in mice. After being injected in the paws the mice significantly […]

Simon Cowell Gives Botox For Christmas Gifts

Closeup of woman getting cosmetic injection in the face

Yes that is right Botox has now become an ideal Christmas present given to some individuals. It has been reported that the famous Simon Cowell from television shows like American Idol and the British X-Factor handed out 3,000 British pounds worth of Botox to his fellow judges as a holiday gift this past week. Some […]

Botox Is Not A Swear Word

You know that look of disgust or shock when you say something to someone who just doesn’t agree with you about something? Well I still see that look on people’s face when you say the word “Botox”. Why is this? Are people scared of it? Do they not approve of plastic surgery by means of […]

How Does A Mom Discuss Her Plastic Surgery With A Young Child?

My beautiful mommy

With a rather large demographic of plastic surgery patients being moms how does a mother explain her recent plastic surgery procedure with a young child who questions her new look? Many moms are faced with the challenge of having to explain why their breasts are larger or their nose is smaller to a young child […]