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How Wrinkles Might Have Been Passed Down From Your Mom

Mom on playground with daughter

One of a woman’s worst beauty nightmares is the fact that she may develop facial wrinkles at some stage of her life. Initially, it has been thought that wrinkles develop as a result of not taking proper care of facial and neck skin from a young age. However, a recent study has shown that some […]

5 Reasons Why Botox Might be Right for You

Today there are many forms of plastic surgery. While some may require a permanent commitment, others can be a little easier to change if the patient is not happy with the initial results. One example of this type of cosmetic surgery is Botox injections. Although these treatments may not be suitable for all cosmetic conditions, […]

Always Wanted Dimples? Now it is Easier than Ever Before!

Have you ever dreamed of having dimples? If so, check out one of the most popular cosmetic procedures now being offered – dimples surgery. Dimples plastic surgery is surprisingly easy, with incredibly cute results and very minor side effects. Having subtle dimples can make your face more memorable and attractive while still maintaining a very […]

3 Easy Plastic Surgery Treatments that Take Years off the Face

Throughout history, beauty has been revered, worshiped and sought endlessly. Beauty has been painted, written about and captured on photographs more than anything else in this world. Though beauty may lie in the eye of beholder, people constantly strive to obtain it through any means available. Today, many tools are available to facilitate this quest […]

How an Emerge Facial Treatment Can Help

Laser Treatment before and after

As much as you may take care of your face with the best skin care regiment, the tell-tale signs of aging still find their way of showing. Throw in sun damage, stress, toxins from pollutants, and more, and it is no wonder that the creams cannot counter everything. Luckily, with an Emerge Facial Treatment, you […]

Need Surgery to Fix Gauged Ears? – We Can Do That!

Gauged earlobe

Though people have been stretching their earlobes for centuries, it is only recently that young adults have started doing it as fashion statement. Despite having rapidly increased in popularity over the last few years, this fashion has set the stage for a number of people wanting their earlobes back to their normal state. After the […]

How a Laser Facial Treatment Can Take Years Off Your Appearance

Laser Treatment before and after

More and more people are looking for safe and easy forms of treatment that will help improve the appearance of their facial skin. Although many forms of treatment are currently available that can do this, not all of them are as safe and effective as laser facial treatment. This treatment is able to correct minor […]

What is Collagen and What Happens to it When We Age?

Collagen, What is it?

You have probably heard the word “collagen” many times in reference to the skin. You may have seen it on numerous product labels and television commercials, promising to be the answer for healthy and youthful-looking skin. But what is collagen, exactly, and what kind of effects can people expect to see from it as they […]

Difference Between Botox and Facial Fillers – How to Choose

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Both Botox and facial fillers are effective methods of rectifying signs of aging. Their popularity and prevalence have risen over the years. Yet, it is often asked what is the difference between the two, as they are often confused as one another and considered synonymous. The truth is that they are not and tackle specifically […]

4 Quick & Easy Ways to Reduce Wrinkles

Millions of people throughout the world are more concerned about looking older than ever before. This could be because the media portrays younger looking people as being more successful in life, whether they are seeking career advancement or whether they are looking to get involved in a new relationship. While it used to take a […]