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How to Correct Sun Damage on the Face

Sun through trees

Millions of people suffer sun damage to their skin every day. While some of this damage is noticeable, much of it goes undetected. Only after years of constant exposure and damage do people start to realize that many of their wrinkles, age spots, and other blemishes could have been prevented. Fortunately, there are plenty of […]

3 Minimally Invasive Procedures That Will Shed 10 Years off Your Face

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Although the cosmetic surgery industry is worth billions of dollars every year, many people still find themselves feeling quite apprehensive about the thought of going under the knife to look a little younger. However, these days there are a few other options for men and women who want to look younger, but who don’t want […]

5 Reasons to Get a Laser Facial Treatment

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Although various forms of laser facial treatment have taken the cosmetic surgery world by storm over the past few years, there are still many potential candidates who show varying levels of skepticism whenever procedures like these are mentioned. However, here are just a few reasons why you should consider having laser facial treatment performed. 1. […]

Have a Specific Plastic Surgery Budget? Start with the Face

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One of the main reasons that many people put off having plastic or cosmetic surgery performed is the prohibitive cost that is associated with many of the procedures. If you want to have plastic surgery but your finances are limited, you may want to consider focusing your enhancement efforts on facial treatments. Why you should […]

5 Minimally Invasive Facial Treatments That Can Shed 10 Years off Your Face

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As the aging process being to sneak up on people, more and more of them are looking for ways to counter its effects and look younger. The good news is that there are quite a few non-invasive facial treatment options available that will leave your face looking younger than ever. 1. Botox Injections At present, […]

Meet Dr. Onir – ZOOM Teeth Whitening at Advanced Facial Aesthetics [video]

Zoom teeth whitening

Meet Dr. Onir, she manages patients and facilitates the ZOOM Teeth Whitening service at Advanced Facial Aesthetics.

7 things An Emerge Laser Treatment Can Help Improve

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Thanks to modern technology, many people can now opt for various forms of enhancement surgery and treatments which will provide them with a look that could only have been dreamed of a few decades ago. One of the most popular treatments that are performed these days is Emerge laser treatment. This option is able to […]

One Woman’s Plastic Surgery Journey for the Perfect Selfie

Runner taking selfie

The selfie is perhaps one of the most popular trends that have emerged from the increasing popularity of social media. For most, a bad or unlikable selfie is not a big deal; generally, you either post it on social media anyway, or delete it and take another one. Triana Lavey, a talent manager for the […]

How Young Blood Triggers Anti-Aging

Drop of blood

In an amazing discovery, scientists have revealed that introducing young blood into the body of an older subject has the potential to rejuvenate the subject. The Blood Countess These scientists aren’t the first to believe that the blood of someone younger can offer rejuvenating properties. Countess Elizabeth Bathory of Hungary believed it as well, though […]

5 Facial Cosmetic Procedures Perfect for Your Tax Return Money

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With tax refunds about to land in physical and electronic mailboxes, a nation is turning its thoughts to that special annual question: How should I spend the money that the IRS is about to give to me? One of these 5 facial cosmetic procedures could answer said question perfectly. 1. Fat is Where it is […]