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Some Women Opt for a more Masculine Eyebrow

Bright light shining on eye

Image Source: Flickr/antigone78 In the ever-changing world of fashion, a new study suggests that women are beginning to embrace a lower, more masculine brow line that is flatter and less arched. According to plastic surgeons, the ideal eyebrow has changed in recent years, possibly due to subconscious desires from women Low Brow Gets a New […]

Stem Cells Being Used To Treat Under-Eye Bags

Recently ABC ran a segment on how some plastic surgeons are starting to use stem cells in order to treat certain cosmetic features that patients are looking to improve on. Some patients feel very comfortable using stem cells because it is your DNA being applied back into your body recreating an area of your body […]

Botox Injection Give You The Droopy Eye?

From time to time a Botox patient might find themselves in quite a pickle from receiving an injection that was not properly targeted in the muscle tissue. Botox injections cause certain wrinkle causing muscles to paralyze for a certain amount of time reducing wrinkles in the face during movements. What could happen is if the […]