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How a Few Facial Injectables Can Help Fight Those Winter Blues

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If you have lived through winter in the northeast, then you know all about cars getting buried underneath piles of snow, frozen water pipes and people who force their dogs to wear those annoying sweaters. However, most people don’t know that winter also takes an emotional toll. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) can alter your mood, […]

Reasons Why Plastic Surgery Can Make You Feel so Positive About Life

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In years gone by, people who were not happy with their appearance simply had to learn to make the most of it. However, in the past decade or two, it has become possible to alter or enhance virtually any part of a person’s body by means of various plastic surgery procedures. This form of surgery […]

6 Ways to Look Good on the Inside as Well as the Outside


Most women want to look as young as possible for as long as possible. Although there are many lotions and other products that promise instant rejuvenation and vitality, very few of them are able to live up to these claims. There are however, a few timeless anti-aging tips that are worth trying. 1. Consume as […]

#1 Self Esteem Booster? Plastic Surgery Wins the Race

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Many individuals decide, at one point or another in their lives, that they want some kind of elective surgery. Sometimes, people decide to forego them, seeing them as a luxury. Recent studies, however, suggest otherwise. Cosmetic Surgery Can Have a Variety of Benefits There are a constantly increasing number of reasons that an individual might […]

How Plastic Surgery Can Give you a Lift [infographic]

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People venture out for plastic surgery for a multitude of reasons. One of the biggest is self-esteem and how they feel personally. There is nothing like a little boost to your way of life by a certain plastic surgery treatment you might have been curious about. A recent study conducted by the American Society for […]

Why Plastic Surgery Makes People So Happy

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Cosmetic surgeries have gotten a bad rap in many circles in recent years. However, there is now some evidence suggesting that recipients of plastic surgery experience greater happiness and quality of life as the result of their chosen procedures. This information could be of interest to those who are on the fence about plastic surgery […]

An Interview with a Recent Botox Patient — How Did They Feel?

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Image Source: Creative Commons Flickr/stevendepolo We recently had the opportunity to interview a patient of ours that had received a Botox injection and had an opportunity to understand how they felt about the whole process. When did you first start feeling like Botox was right for you? Patient: I started feeling like Botox was right […]

6 Ways to Lose Your Body Related Insecurities

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Image Source: Flickr/Caza_No_7 When it comes to our bodies, there are very few people who have absolutely no insecurities regarding their physical appearance. Whether they think they are too fat or too thin or whether they think they need surgery in order to improve certain aspects of their appearance, almost all of us have fantasized […]

Botox Now Treating Depression?

Since Botox came onto the scene many years ago it has been known to help out many different ailments other than just reducing wrinkles. A recent study shows that Botox is starting to now treat depression in many people by stimulating the way the muscles work in the forehead along with feeling great about receiving […]

Approval Rate Of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Increasing According To Study

A recent study found on The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery website clearly shows that a vast segment of Americans are starting to really accept the idea of cosmetic plastic surgery regardless of income situations. “A new survey shows that almost half (48%) of all Americans regardless of income approve of cosmetic plastic surgery […]