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5 Positive Emotions from Getting Some Sort of Facial Treatment

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Facial treatment is about more than just vanity – it is an opportunity to feel better about yourself. There are many different advantages to getting some cosmetic treatments, be they as simple as a one-time injection or something that might require surgery. Here are five positive emotional reasons why somebody might want to get a […]

Why Plastic Surgery Can Help Depression

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Time after time, research shows that plastic surgery can have a tremendous impact on the patient’s overall self-esteem. However, boosting self-esteem and actually treating depression are two very different things. In fact, one study by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons shows that many patients stop taking antidepressants after plastic surgery. An Interesting Theory Oftentimes, […]

The Positive Emotional Steps Post Plastic Surgery

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Each year, millions of patients have plastic surgery performed for various reasons. While the physical benefits can be clearly seen after initial healing has taken place, not many people realize how many emotional benefits can be enjoyed in conjunction with a new and improved appearance. Below are just a few ways in which patients can […]

How Plastic Surgery Can Improve a Marriage

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Although thousands of people opt to get divorced each year or even just part ways in cases of unmarried couples for different reasons, one of the reasons that are most often cited is that one or even both spouses start to feel insecure about their overall appearances. While many of them feel that there may […]

Why a Mommy Makeover is Making So Many New Moms Happy

In most cases, new moms are simply too busy taking care of their babies to notice the effects that the birth has had on their own appearances. However, more and more of them are realizing just how much of a toll giving birth takes on their bodies, and as a result, are opting to having […]

Popular Procedures Over 50 – It’s About Feeling Great!

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Image Source: Creative Commons/Flickr Women who reach the golden age of 50 often notice that their overall appearance begins to deteriorate a little from around this time. Although it is often thought that people in this age category simply have to learn to live with the changes, this is by no means the case. In […]

What a Facelift can do for Self-Esteem

Thousands of people throughout the world have facelift procedures performed each year. While many of them may be aware of how the procedure will contribute towards improving their overall appearance, not all of them realize just how much of a boost this procedure can provide for their self-esteem levels as well. Provide Confidence Levels with […]

How Can Plastic Surgery Change a Mom’s Life?

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Although motherhood is an extremely rewarding experience, many moms are aware of just how much of a toll this time of life can take on their physical appearance as well as their psychological well being. As a result, many moms suffer from varying levels of depression as well as severely low levels of self-esteem. However, […]

What’s More Important with Plastic Surgery – Appearance or Quality of Life?

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These days, it’s almost impossible to go anywhere without hearing about celebrities and regular people who have had various forms of plastic surgery performed. However, there is often much debate surrounding the various reasons that people have plastic surgery performed. While some people feel it should only be performed in cases where scarring or deformities […]

How to Tell a Loved One they are Getting Too Much Plastic Surgery

  As the modern world develops a strong tolerance for plastic surgery, more and more people are opting to use cosmetic procedures to look their best. Even so, some patients tend to take it too far, and some doctors are not willing to tell their patients when enough is enough. In such cases, it is […]