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What we’re booking: Minimally invasive breast lift

Close up of shapely sexy woman wearing white bra

How are babies like gravity? I don’t have a clever answer to that joke, but both can have adverse effects on your breasts. Over time, after nursing and child birth, with hormone changes, and with weight fluctuations the breasts can sag. The nipples descend and can point downward, stretch marks may appear, and the breasts […]

The Facial Fat Transfer Fills In Harsh Folds and Addresses Hollow Regions of the Face

Pretty adult female with beautiful long brown hairs

A youthful-looking face with smooth skin can make someone look more attractive. Unfortunately, with age, a lot of people develop issues like sunken cheeks, deep folds, and depressions that can mar the appearance of the face. A facial fat transfer is a useful procedure for these kinds of issues. What Is a Facial Fat Transfer? […]

Embarrassed About the Size of Your Forehead? Consider Scalp Advancement

A scalp advancement surgery is also known as a hairline lowering surgery. It helps people who are suffering from hairline recession and can lower the anterior hairline by 2-3 cm. It also benefits the temporal area, although not as much as the anterior portion. Scalp advancement surgery is a common technique adopted to bring more […]

Can You See Good Plastic Surgery?

Woman getting laser procedure

Can you see good plastic surgery? What does good plastic surgery look like? The answer is, it’s invisible! Well done plastic surgery allows a person to successfully project who they are without looking like they’ve put any effort into doing so. Truly artful aesthetic surgery conveys a feeling and sends joy to the individual and […]

Does My Chin Need Kybella?

Do you have excess fat in the chin region, giving you the appearance of a double chin? This look can completely alter your facial profile and make you appear much bigger than you actually are. Double chins can be caused by a number of different factors. It could be due to unhealthy lifestyle habits, weight […]

The Power of our Voices – Voice Feminization Surgery

Woman thyroid gland control

The Power of our Voices – Voice Feminization Surgery It has been said that the tongue can paint what the eyes cannot see.  This beautiful expression succinctly conveys the power of our voices.  With our voices we communicate, alert, share, query, express, and emote.  We can sing songs and spin tales.   But, the stories we tell involve much […]

Fixing a Nasal Valve Collapse

The nasal valve is the narrowest part of the airway in your nose. When there is a nasal valve collapse, that means there is a weakness or the further narrowing of the nasal valve. Any alterations made to the structure of the nose that affects the nasal valve area can result in increased resistance to […]

Smooth and Tight: Beautiful Lower Eyelids

What do you see when you look at your lower eyelids? In the best situation the answer should be “not much”. The lower eyelids in an attractive young face are not well defined. They blend smoothly into the cheek. If you can see a clearly defined lower lid, it may be time to get ahead […]

How much does art cost?

Closeup studio shot of a beautiful teenage girl with bold make up

Suppose you wanted a painting.  How much should you expect to pay and how will you find out this information? You could go into a gallery and ask the well dressed person how much do paintings cost.  Or, you could go online and ask Google how much is a painting. Either way, you’re not going […]

Choices, Choices, Choices!

Have you ever had a tough time making a big choice? Let’s say you were shopping for an automobile. You do your research, talk with friends, read reviews, and now you’re down to two. Maybe you know you want a specific model but can’t decide upon the right color. Eventually you select. You’re still plagued […]