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The Lip Filler Experience

For some time the trend with lips has been the bigger the better! Well, that is not the case anymore. Sure, we all want volume in our lips. But, we want our lips to look natural and beautiful. Notice the keyword, NATURAL! Big lips that cover too much and conceal the upper teeth are not […]

New Surgeon Joins The Spiegel Center!

We are excited to announce that facial plastic surgeon Dr. Jacob Tower will be joining The Spiegel Center beginning April 3, 2023. Dr. Jacob Tower brings his impeccable credentials, impressive surgical training, and meticulous care to further expand our world-class aesthetic services. After completing a challenging course of study in Neuroscience, Dr. Tower graduated Magna Cum […]

How to Fix A Square Face

The shape of your face is an important part of your appearance. There is no one “normal” or most attractive face shape and faces can come in many basic configurations, including round, oval, square, rectangular (or oblong), diamond, and heart. However, there are certain face shapes that are more feminine, or more masculine, and, we […]

3 Ways to Get Rid of Sagging Neck Bands

They say the hands are the first place to see signs of aging, but we beg to differ. Oftentimes, early signs of aging appear right below the face. On our necks! Whether it’s tech neck or loose neck bands (Platysma bands), an aging neck is something that we want to treat along with the rest […]

Welcoming Dr. Jacob Tower to The Spiegel Center!