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Spiegel Center Opening!

Dr. Spiegel and Dr. Onir

Great News! On Monday, May 18th, we are back in the office and ready to go! We are excited to get back to seeing and caring for you! At the same time, the safety of our patients, staff and their families is our top priority. As a result, there will be changes in our office […]

Voice Feminization Surgery (VFS)

3d illustration of throat cancer

For more than 25 years I’ve been doing voice surgery. I was very fortunate to train in San Francisco with Dr Herbert Dedo, one of the world’s foremost laryngologists. Many of the basic pieces of equipment used in voice surgery are named after him. In fact, the key device often used in voice feminization surgery […]

Facial Feminization Surgery vs. liquid Facial Feminization 

Liquid FFS before and after

Facial feminization involves changing the shape of the face to achieve the right contours, light reflections, and shadows in order to create a beautiful woman’s face.  ​Facial Feminization is a constellation of procedures to help one look more feminine, youthful, and attractive.  The precise procedures selected will depend upon your goals and needs.   By injecting precise […]

Welcoming Dr. Jacob Tower to The Spiegel Center!