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What we’re booking: Minimally invasive breast lift

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How are babies like gravity? I don’t have a clever answer to that joke, but both can have adverse effects on your breasts. Over time, after nursing and child birth, with hormone changes, and with weight fluctuations the breasts can sag. The nipples descend and can point downward, stretch marks may appear, and the breasts […]

How to identify the best plastic surgeon

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Selecting a surgeon to help you look and feel your best is among the most important decisions you will make, but how should you choose? Magazines, your friends, and the woman at the hair salon all have their in-the-know opinions. But who can you really trust? Here are five steps to finding the right person: […]

Liposuction with Bodytite as an unbeatable treatment combination, or a Tummy Tuck? What do I need?

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Liposuction is a permanent fat reduction procedure. Yes permanent. Fat cells located under the skin are mechanically removed using a vacuum. The fat (lipo) is literally suctioned away. The vacuum attachments are called cannulas and are quite narrow. That’s why the procedure can be done with only a tiny poke rather than a big incision. […]

How to Fix Asymmetrical Boobs

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Uneven breasts are nothing to be ashamed of. It is perfectly normal for women to have two slightly differently shaped or sized breasts, and around 50% of women in this world are said to have breast asymmetry. However, there are times where the difference in size or shape affects a woman’s self-esteem. Studies have indicated […]

Welcoming Dr. Jacob Tower to The Spiegel Center!