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Do it Again…Revision Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty before and after

Getting a nose job, or rhinoplasty, is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures, and for good reason. It’s a great way to increase your confidence, look fabulous, and help you breathe better. Rhinoplasty, is also one of the most difficult of all surgeries. It’s not technically difficult like some things such as voice […]

How much does art cost?

Closeup studio shot of a beautiful teenage girl with bold make up

Suppose you wanted a painting.  How much should you expect to pay and how will you find out this information? You could go into a gallery and ask the well dressed person how much do paintings cost.  Or, you could go online and ask Google how much is a painting. Either way, you’re not going […]

Choices, Choices, Choices!

Have you ever had a tough time making a big choice? Let’s say you were shopping for an automobile. You do your research, talk with friends, read reviews, and now you’re down to two. Maybe you know you want a specific model but can’t decide upon the right color. Eventually you select. You’re still plagued […]

Do you want to Get Cheeky or Stop Being Cheeky?

“Cheeky” is a British adjective for being impudent, audacious, impertinent, or irreverent, though perhaps in a fun way. In our world, being “cheeky” means having full cheeks.  Just like the British adjective, this can be good or bad.   Having nice full cheekbones is good, and having a round backside is good.  We can add to […]

In for the long run

There are three basic things we can do to change how someone looks:  reposition, add, or remove. If you want fuller lips we can add volume with a filler such as Versa, Juvederm, or Restylane.  If you have too much neck fat we’ll remove volume such as with fat freezing or liposuction. If your ears […]

Asian Eyelid Surgery: True Beauty or Rejection of one’s heritage?

Some people with Asian ancestry have eyelids that appear different than those of, say, persons of European descent. Asian eyelids may have a fuller appearance and can have a skin fold near the central (or medial) corner (or canthus) of the eye. This lack of a “supratarsal crease”, which is the medical name for the […]

Otoplasty: Ear shaping

Have you ever wondered what is the purpose of the external ear?  I know that ears are for hearing, but why do we have the curvy cartilaginous structure outside of the ear canal? It’s likely that the external ear (or auricle) is used to help focus sound waves towards your ear canal so that they […]

When Is a Mini Facelift the Perfect Choice?

Age, stress, the sun and a number of other factors can make your face look drawn, gaunt and dull, making you look years older than you actually may be. Topical creams, over the counter prescriptions, tablets and other alternatives can only do so much to improve the look and feel of your facial skin once […]

Welcoming Dr. Jacob Tower to The Spiegel Center!