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Real Ways to Make Plastic Surgery More Affordable

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Unfortunately, the word “savings” is irresponsibly used when referring to plastic surgery costs. Plastic surgery isn’t a pair of tennis shoes or a car that you can get a sweet deal on. It’s an important life changing decision that should be made carefully. With that being said, money definitely needs to be taken into account […]

What Are Dermal Fillers?

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Lip augmentation is undoubtedly one of the trendiest procedures in cosmetic surgery. Patients turn to it as a way to enhance lip shape, structure, and volume. As you begin to investigate lip augmentation, the word “dermal fillers” will certainly come up. Dermal fillers are what’s injected into the lips to enhance their appearance. In this […]

Why More Males Are Getting Plastic Surgery

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Plastic surgery isn’t only for females. In the past decade, we’ve seen the number of plastic surgeries performed on males increase by over 100%. Additionally, surgeons are reporting that more males than ever before are interested in altering their physical features in some way, shape, or form. There are similarities in the reasons why males […]

The Top Five Minimally Invasive Plastic Surgeries

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The plastic surgery world has seen a strong shift towards minimally invasive procedures. They’ve increased a drastic 150 percent since 2000. More patients and physicians are leaning towards them because they give patients more options and provide the ability to focus on specific target areas that patients want altered. Currently, the top five minimally invasive […]

What is a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon and Why is it Important?

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Minimally invasive techniques, surgical technology advancements, and cheaper costs have made plastic surgery increasingly accessible. It’s no longer only for the rich and famous. More and more middle class Americans are having plastic surgery and are doing so without breaking their bank account. Unfortunately, the increase in affordable plastic surgery has been met with the […]

Five Amazing Feelings Felt Post Plastic Surgery

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Plastic surgery can be a life changing experience. When done for the right reasons, it can dramatically improve one’s life. Five amazing feelings felt post plastic surgery are: An Increased Self Esteem An increase in self esteem has been reported by patients who’ve undergone breast augmentation, nose rhinoplasty, mole removal, ear lobe repair, and many […]

Why Hopping Over the Border for Plastic Surgery Isn’t Smart

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It’s recently become popular to “border hop” for cheaper plastic surgery services. The idea might seem exciting and attractive, but you should take note that there can be serious consequences associated with it. Horror stories about surgeries gone terribly wrong are coming out almost daily. Botched nose job, breast augmentation, and weight reduction surgeries have […]

Welcoming Dr. Jacob Tower to The Spiegel Center!