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How Plastic Surgeons are using 3D Printing

3d printing

Many people only associate 3D printing with a range of production and manufacturing industries, and they would be right to do so. However, of late, many plastic surgeons have discovered that there are quite a few different ways in which they can use this highly advanced form of technology to benefit their patients as well, […]

Everyone Should Leave Gillian Anderson Alone

Gillian Anderson

Image Source: Known for the fantastic role she plays in the TV Series The X Files, Gillian Anderson has had to deal with some rather nasty jibes and rumors claiming that she has had to have had plastic surgery performed in order to still look so much younger than her co-star David Duchovny. Back […]

More Millennials now Choosing Plastic Surgery than Ever Before

Woman drinking coffee

According to surgeons across the country who have been interviewed, many of them have stated that the bulk of their patients are younger and more open-minded than ever before. Among the most popular options for surgery among this age group include filler treatments and Botox injections. Once candidates have had procedures like these, they feel […]

Now that you have had Plastic Surgery Performed – 5 Ways to Feel as Good as you Look!

Woman jumping on beach

Most people have plastic surgery performed because there are one or more aspects of their appearances that are causing them to feel self-conscious. After having your chosen procedures performed, there are a few other steps you can take to help ensure that you feel as good as you look. 1. Drink more Water This is […]

Welcoming Dr. Jacob Tower to The Spiegel Center!