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Popular Facial Aesthetic Procedures Trending Right Now

Group of middle age women

Some forms of cosmetic surgery have most certainly become more popular than others over the years, with procedures that aim to enhance or improve facial features being the most popular of all. Below are a few popular plastic surgery options for patients who would like to retain their youthfulness that are trending at present. Eyelid […]

Have Problems Snoring? There is a Procedure for That Too

Woman covers ears next to snoring husband

As many as 90 million adults around the country suffer from varying degrees of snoring and sleep apnea. This not only affects their quality of sleep; in more severe cases, relationships are affected as well, especially when partners have to sleep in separate rooms to avoid the noise. However, help is available in the form […]

5 Reasons to Stop Putting Off that Blepharoplasty

Laser over woman's eye

Although many patients suffer from droopy eyes or have bags under their eyes, not nearly enough of them realize that they can benefit significantly by having blepharoplasty performed. However, there are a few great reasons why you need to stop putting off what has been hailed as one of the most effective forms of cosmetic […]

Natural Remedies to Help you Whiten your Teeth

Kiwis, limes, and lemons

Everyone wishes for a whiter, brighter smile, yet many people feel that having one is out of their reach due to the high cost of commercial teeth whitening treatments. Even so, having whiter teeth is something anyone can experience, as there are a number of home remedies that can be performed easily and inexpensively. Peroxide/Lemon […]

Why Botox Will Make you Feel Awesome

Woman jumping on beach

You may think of Botox as something that is supposed to erase years off of your appearance. The truth is that Botox treatments can also make you feel great in a number of ways. Enhanced Self Esteem Aside from reducing wrinkles, Botoxalso has the ability to improve your self-esteem. That’s because when you look your […]

Does Vitamin E Help Reduce Under Eye Wrinkles? [video]

Woman putting lotion under eye

As you get older under eye wrinkles can be very challenging. Check out this video from the Doctors TV Show where they discuss how vitamin e can help slow the aging process under your eyes.

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