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New Facial Filler Aimed at Anti-Aging

Woman getting injectable

For those who have healthy immune systems and wish to look younger fast, Sculptra Aesthetic is a brand new injectable filler that offers amazing anti aging capabilities. This simple treatment helps replace lost collagen within your body, thus decreasing the appearance of wrinkles, age spots, and other unsightly blemishes. With a few simple treatments of […]

5 Positive Emotions from Getting Some Sort of Facial Treatment

Woman checking skin in mirror

Facial treatment is about more than just vanity – it is an opportunity to feel better about yourself. There are many different advantages to getting some cosmetic treatments, be they as simple as a one-time injection or something that might require surgery. Here are five positive emotional reasons why somebody might want to get a […]

Does Too Much Sugar Really Age Your Skin?

Sugar cubes next to spoon

Many patients are under the impression that once their skin starts showing signs of aging, there is nothing they can do to reverse the process – other than have a facelift performed. However, more and more research is coming to light showing that a person’s diet – especially one that is high in sugar – […]

Demand for Facial Fillers Set to Increase Due to Recent Study Findings

Dermal filler

Although facial fillers have become one of the most popular cosmetic surgery treatments being performed, a report entitled “Global Dermal Facial Fillers Market 2015 – 2019” has indicated that the amount of patients who decide to have various forms of this treatment performed will continue to rise even more by 2019. What are Dermal Fillers? […]

Botox Myths – Don’t Believe Everything You Hear

Woman receiving botox

Botox is one of those things that people either absolutely love or shy away from due to rumors and myths. Here are the straight facts about Botox and what you need to know if you have ever considered asking your doctor for some Botox injections. Myth #1 – It Is Dangerous The most common myth […]

Kybella Treatment – New Procedure to Get Rid of Double Chins

Up until recently, people who had excess fat under their chins resorted to surgery to remove it. The surgery is quite invasive, and it requires several days or even weeks of recovery time. Fortunately, a new product called Kybella can treat double chins without surgery. What Is Kybella? Kybella, or deoxycholic acid, is an injectable […]

Welcoming Dr. Jacob Tower to The Spiegel Center!