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How to Stop Wrinkles Before They Happen

Frown lines

Many people associate wrinkles with older people who have spent a lot of time outdoors in the sun. However, they have been known to affect adults of all ages – even those in their 20s and 30s. Although it is often thought that this affliction is something that ‘happens to everyone sooner or later,’ this […]

Pulse Technology to Replenish Collagen

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Research has shown that Americans spend upwards of $10 billion a year on cosmetic products and surgical procedures in a bid to remain looking youthful for as long as possible – although most treatments performed are not able to provide permanent end results. However, a team of researchers at Tel Aviv University have devised a […]

Microneedling – A New Option for Beautiful Skin

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You know what’s awesome? Smooth, supple skin. You know what gets you smooth, supple skin. Microneedling. Yeah, it’s pretty amazing.As we age we lose collagen and fat in our face and body. This volume loss is what we typically notice when we are feeling “old” since this loss of volume is what causes our skin […]

5 Reasons to Get Healthy Before Plastic Surgery

Healthy Life

Having plastic surgery performed is every bit as serious as any other form of surgery in that there is always the possibility of complications occurring. As a result, surgeons recommend that patients do everything in their power to get as healthy as possible before having plastic or cosmetic surgery performed. 1. Recover Quicker A body […]

How to Determine Whether You Need a Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty

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When the topics of anti-aging or facial rejuvenation procedures are raised, many people tend to only associate them with basic facelift procedures. However, there are numerous patients who are able to benefit from having a lower eyelid blepharoplasty procedure performed as well. Below are a few simple signs to look out for that will determine […]

What Does It Mean To Have An Asymmetric Face?

Asymmetric Face

Although many people have what is known as an asymmetric face, not everyone is aware of the fact. However, there are others who have noticed the fact, which can make them feel extremely self-conscious about their appearances. While having an asymmetric face does not pose any health risks at all; many of the aspects associated […]

The Maker of Botox Will Be Expanding Their Portfolio Very Soon

Woman receiving injection in forehead

Allergan, the company who manufactures the Botox injections, recently announced that it would be purchasing Kythera Biopharmaceuticals Inc. along with its newly approved double-chin treatment in a deal that is said to be worth as much as $2.1 billion. The company will be paying $75 a share in stock and cash in order to close […]

Blow-tox Used to Reduce Sweating

Woman getting botox injection

An article published in the Inquisitr mentioned the fact that Botox is being used for an extensive range of treatments these days, including wrinkle prevention, migraine treatments and even urinary incontinence. However, there is an additional use for this treatment – preventing sweating on and around the scalp area in an effort to save a […]

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