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Dr. Spiegel – Awarded Top 15 Influencers of 2015 by PSP

Top 15 influencers of 2015

A Good Plastic Surgeon Knows When to Tell You to Stop

Smiling male doctor

Over the years, plastic surgery has become as commonplace as any other form of medical treatments. While many people only have 1 or 2 procedures performed, others often want to have as many procedures performed as possible in a bid to have the ‘perfect’ appearance. However, there are still honest and trustworthy surgeons out there […]

How to Dip Your Toes into Plastic Surgery before Diving In

Woman dipping toes in water

Although many people are intrigued by the idea of altering aspects of their appearances that they are not happy with, not all of them are ready to take the plunge and have full-on plastic surgery performed. In cases like this though, there are a few ways in which the ‘waters of plastic surgery’ can be […]

On Vanity

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During their first appointment patients always comment to us, “I can’t believe I’m here…that I’m doing this.” And I always ask, “why???” People consider it “vain” to pursue plastic surgery. As if wanting to look your best was a sinful desire. Well, raise your hand if you have done any of the following: Worn Spanx […]

How to Get Rid of Those Frown Lines on Your Face

Model frowning

Many people find themselves becoming extremely self-conscious about their deepening frown lines as they age. While it may be possible to reduce the appearance of them by means of moisturizers and other skin care products, patients who want to remove frown lines permanently may sometimes have to have cosmetic surgery performed. Dermal Fillers Dermal filler […]

See Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel in NYC on 8/1

Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel

New Plastic Surgery Trend? Looking Like Kylie Jenner

According to an article published by, it would seem as though Blac Chyna and Kylie Jenner are in a constant competition of trying to see who can look the best; however, a source has revealed exclusively to the site that Blac is quite “insecure about her looks.” Just recently, she has visited a […]

Are 3D Printed Faces the Future of Cosmetic Surgery?


When having plastic surgery performed, many patients would love to know how they are going to look after healing has taken place. Although this has been virtually impossible to predict until recently, a new 3D printing company known as MirrorMe3D will be able to make this dream a reality for patients, thanks to their new […]

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